13th Jan 2002, 12:12

I also have a 96 breeze and for the most part we have had a lot of problems but it has lasted us 100,000 miles. This only after we have replaced the power steering pump and belt twice, replaced the head gaskets under recall, and are now putting in the shop for a new drive belt and the engine light is on. We too have had many problems with the service. If I hear anyone talk about buying a plymouth, dodge, or chrylser I do my best to talk them out of it. I sympathise.

14th Mar 2003, 10:49

The Plymouth Breeze 98 - This car is lovely to look at, I love to drive it, but I too have problems. This car leaks oil. I have replaced the seals several times, and continues to run rough, and leak oil. I am not extremely happy with the car. It really was a bad purchase.

2nd Jun 2003, 21:54

I have a 98 plymouth Breeze and have had nothing but trouble since day one. I have an oil leak that appears to be coming from the top of the engine.

6th Oct 2003, 09:07

A friend owns a 98 Breeze and it has been v/good so far with the exception of a heater problem. We have had to replace the resistor block that controls the heater fan 3 times as it keeps burning out. When it happens, all you are left with is a fan that is either off or on full blast, no other speeds will work. It appears to be a very common problem, nobody at Chrysler would tell us that of course, but apparently they have issued a revised part to replace the old defective resistor.

20th Jan 2004, 18:59

I have 1998 breeze 2.4l loaded great car,changed wheel bearings, crankshaft gasket, and tie rods, it has 180.000 kliks on it works great,

14th Mar 2004, 11:26

We have a 1996 Breeze. Head gasket went at 75,000 K. No help from Chrysler. Tough luck they said although my research found that they put in defective gaskets. One service employee even told me that, but the Manager said it wasn't a safety factor, so too bad. Now at 140,000 K the transmission is shot and they want me to put in a new one. This car has been driven by my wife and not abused. I do not plan on purchasing a Chrysler product again.

1st Nov 2004, 10:22

I have a 98 Ply Breeze 2.0, 16 valve overhead cam. Basically I love the car, but have had few problems that seem inherent to this vehicle.

Throttle position sensor just got replaced. Was told there were two models for this car, one was an L-shape and cost about $50-60, the other was straight and cost $150. Saw the computer printed diagram. Mine took the $150 one. My car runs Great now, but everyone says I got ripped off, there is only one sensor and it should be no more than $75 tops. Is this true?

17th Oct 2008, 15:53

I bought a 96 Breeze about a year ago and it worked great at first. Lately though, it seems like the engine kinda cuts out when driving. A thud comes from under the hood. I want to fix the problem, but don't want to dump a lot of money into it. Any suggestions?