1996 Plymouth Breeze ?? 4 cylinder. from North America


I don't know yet!


My dad bought this for me in Indiana, before he got it the head gasket had blown and the guy didn't have the head machined before replacing it. It blew after my dad got it and he brought it down, after replacing a lot of parts to ensure that it lasted for a while for me, but I had to pay $500 to have the head gasket fixed (cheap I know, grandma knew the guy). Had a triple metal gasket and new head bolts put on it also.

My dad is a mechanic, but refuses to listen to me when I believe something is wrong with this car. The brakes sound weird sometimes when you press down. I've had a few occasions where it would lose pressure and just go to the floor, now it mainly just makes kinda a grinding sound. Mechanics have said the brakes are fine, same with rotors. They couldn't get the car to do it, but said it may be the master cylinder, haven't been able to change it yet.

This car vibrates very bad, got better after we removed and put the intake back on, I think it wasn't covering the throttle well.

So far, I haven't gotten good gas mileage. Dad said on the trip down he got 22mpg and that it'd be even better after the head gasket was replaced. Hasn't gotten anything close to that yet! I drive like 12 miles total to get my husband to/from work. It used like an 1/8 of a tank to do that. I drive 30-40 with few stops.

I'm not use to all this stuff. I had a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX 4.6L and I paid $750 for it 3 years ago in February and it just needed brakes, plug and wires, tires, and a battery... nothing like this! Of course, it did get bad gas mileage, what can you expect from a V8? lol.

Also, it seems like the gas gage can't make up it's mind.

General Comments:

I like how it handles. Looks nice. Only had it 2 weeks this Sunday, so can't say much more.

My mom had a 96 Stratus, I loved that car.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2007

1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.4 from North America


Good car, once you put a lot of money into it..


Replaced all the wheel bearings including rotors and brake.

My break line broke and crashed into the back of a GMC Safari/Chevy Astro.

Fuel lines, filter and pump replaced.

Head gasket replaced several times.

EGR Valve and O2 sensor.

Brake lights stop working due to electrical problems. Chrysler wanted to charge me $700 to fix it. I did it for free at home.

Plugs and wires needed to be changed often. Chrysler wanted to charge me $700.

All the electrical needed to be redone.

Cruise stop working.

Transmission rebuild before reaching 15000 with the car.

Power steering stopped working.

Cat converter changed way too many times.

THE BATTERY IS BEHIND THE FENDER!! you have to REMOVE your driver side wheel to get to it. $100 at Chrysler, $10 at a small mechanics shop.

General Comments:

This car was trouble from when I first bought it. Everything almost has been replaced on this car. It started running really well after I've done all of this. It has horrible pick up, but can outrun some cars on the highway because it lets me pass 180km/h. I guess the ECU isn't locked. The back seats are the roomiest and most comfortable seats I've sat in ever. There almost as much leg room in the back as in the front. I must admit, once you start taking care of this car, it's really fun to drive, but the prices that Chrysler gave me for fixing it was just dreadful. I would say that the amount of money I spent in this car would sum up to the ammount to buy a 2003-2004 Altima. This car is really cheap on the market. If you own this car or want to buy it, it's better to trash this one, and just buy another one. A great winter car I should add.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2007