1996 Plymouth Breeze 1 model 2.0L from North America


Low maintenance bargain


Head gasket started leaking within several thousand miles.

Wheel cylinders recalled and replaced.

Headlamps updated with Sylvania's. Brighter than ever.

General Comments:

Head gasket started leaking almost immediately, but dealer couldn't find the leak. Never bothered to have it replaced and deal with the drip, a quart every week or 2. It turns out there was a special warranty created for the head gasket, up to 80,000 miles, but not one buyer was notified. It only came up if you took it to a dealer. It should have been a recall.

I did get a recall repair for the front wheel cylinders while they were checking for the earlier oil leak.

First brake maintenance at 135,000 miles. Mostly highway driving with manual transmission braking involved.

Original battery went and along with it went the ac controls, vents, etc. at about 48000 miles. Replaced battery and held battery cables together, prior to connecting to battery of course, to reset on-board computer. AC vent controls returned to normal.

Check engine light just came on. I think it's time for my first belt replacement as nothing else seems apparent.

I've read nothing, but good things about the timing belt so I will leave this alone, for now.

Acceleration has always been good, assuming you're in the right gear and at the right rpm's. It's not exceptional, but more than adequate.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2003

1996 Plymouth Breeze 2.0 from North America


Excellent cars for the junk yard


There was an apparent oil leak when I purchased the car which persists to this day.

I have had to replace the spark plugs 3 times within a year.

The headlights have become a cloudy yellow color.

I had to replace the transmission at only 100,000 miles.

I had to replace over 6 different sensors in order to pass an emissions test for a cost of $1400.

When I turn the air on it makes aloud rattling noise and sounds as if the car is going to fall apart.

When the car comes to a stop, it makes a lot rattling noise, supposedly the catalytic converter.

The car had good pickup when I initially purchased it, but that deteriorated rapidly.

When I reach speeds of 70 MPH or higher there is this vibrating feeling in the car. It feels like I am shaking to death.

I have had the head gasket replaced twice at 45,000 miles and 102,000 miles and I still have a small oil leak.

The belts make a loud squealing noise when in park or when the car is stopped.

The radio mysteriously stopped working one day, and a week later it was fully functional. I suppose there's now some type of electrical problem going on.

I have had to have 3 major brake jobs totaling over $1800. The steering wheel still shakes when I come to a stop.

The electronic odometer works when it feels the need to.

General Comments:

This car is very stylish with it's cab forward design.

Chrysler knew this car was a piece of junk and yet they still put it on the market.

I have never had a car that needed so much work done, from month to month.

I have spent an additional $5500 just to keep this car running.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003

26th Oct 2006, 13:01

I have owned a Plymouth Breeze for six years now and it has been five years eleven months too long.

1996 Plymouth Breeze 4 dr 2.0 liter from North America


OK car, but will be my last Chrysler


Bought my Breeze at 47,000 miles and had to replace the head gasket at 67,000 miles.

Had to replace both front wheel bearing assemblies at 83,000 miles.

Replaced rear main oil seal at 97,000 miles.

My EGR valve assembly failed at 115,000 and I have replaced it-not cheap!

Now I am noticing oil on the driveway -most likely the head gasket needs replacing again.

General Comments:

I bought the car for the style and interior roominess. It has plenty of trunk space and the four doors allow easy access for passengers.

It is easy to work on, as I have done most of the repairs myself.

I suggest getting the Chrysler Breeze service manual as you will need it to do repairs on this car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003