My Neon has been fun to drive, and exceeded my expectations for long life and reliability

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Neon LX

This is a mechanic's dream car for himself and his family

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Inexpensive American car, good gas mileage, parts are easy to come by

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Neon Base - Highline 2.0

Best little car for the money!!

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Neon LX 4 cylinder

Couldn't ask for a better car.. just what I need!

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Neon LX 2.0


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I believe I just bought a lemon

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Very nice car!

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Neon EX

Good car for low price, but has its problems

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Neon LX 2.0 SOHC (132 hp)

Still a great car to drive, 5 years later

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Good for the first 4 years then sell it.

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Neon LX 2.0 SOHC

A cheap reliable auto

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Neon LX 2.0

Do not buy a Neon

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Nice reliable vehicle

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Neon LX 2.0 16v

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Neon LX 2.0 L inline 4 cylinder.

A great car, but opt for the manual transmission and anti-lock brakes

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