Sundance 2.2L

I would recommend buying one, they are fun little cars. Dependable and reliable cars

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Sundance RS 2.5 Litre turbo

Awesome car for a student!

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Sundance 2.2 Liter

A vehicle to be reckoned with.

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Sundance RS 2.5L turbo

A high performance bargain!!

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Sundance RS 2.5 turbo

Poor investment.. i have already spent 3 times as much in repairs and the purchase price

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Sundance 2.2

Cheap basic transportation, but only if you are good with a wrench

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Sundance RS 2.5L AFI

Though it might need a little fixing up, this car is an excellent car for a new driver

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Sundance 2.5

Great, Economical and fun car

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A piece of junk

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Sundance RS 2.5L

A high performance bargain.. yeah right haha

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