1990 Plymouth Sundance 2.5


Chrysler can never build another engine like what they put in my car


Things never went wrong until they literally wore out under normal conditions.

There are no faults whatsoever with the engine.

It's the driver that pushes the engine beyond it's handling therefore, destroying the engine before it's time.

General Comments:

I have always stayed on top of normal wear and tear due to normal usage.

Oil change is the most important thing one can do to preserve the engine.

I have replaced, for one reason or another, almost every single part of the motor, engine, anything and everything under the hood.

My motto is "Take care of your car, it will take care of you."

That is exactly what I have done for my car and my car has done for me.

My 1990 Plymouth Sundance, with over 250,000 miles, has left me stranded so many times.

It did not matter if it was the hottest or coldest day of the year.

Yet, I refuse to purchase another car.

My odometer has stopped working, but I know I am at beyond 250,000 miles.

I will continue to put money into my Sundance to keep it running, I will chance being stranded again.

Chrysler will never, ever build another engine like what I have in my car today.

I don't care that the body is all rusted out.

Or that I am missing a hubcab.

Or that my heater does not work.

Or that I hand-sanded body rust spots then spray painted those spots and that you can tell it.

Or that my roof lining has fallen and is thumbtacked in place.

Or that I can no longer open my trunk with it's key.

Or that the only way my trunk will stay up is by using a stick.

Or that my air conditioner no longer works.

All I care about is that my car takes me to work and brings me back home.

Sure, I wish I could afford a new Chrysler car, but with today's economy, I can't right now.

Make fun of my car, it doesn't bother me. My 1990 Plymouth Sundance with 250,000 miles on it still runs, can you say that about your vehicle?

I will admit though, I "baby" my car.

I do not speed.

I do not take off fast from a complete stop.

I slowly work up to speed.

I am easy on my brakes.

I wait a few seconds after I first start my car to allow my oils to run their course before I put it in drive.

I do not slam my doors.

In the winter months, I run my car for 10 minutes before taking off in it.

Amazingly, as bad and/or as rough my car has run on me, it still gave me good gas mileage.

Oh, I love my car. I wish you could see it.

My car is unique and one of it's kind.

Do not take my word for it, come and see it for yourself.

I invite you to come and see one of the best engines your company has ever built.

My insurance man doesn't understand why I keep full coverage on my car.

I keep full coverage because my car deserves it.

I am a woman. I know to, I know how, and I know when to service my car.

If you by any chance have an extra engine for a 1990 Plymouth Sundance, 2.5 liter, automatic, please let me know, I will purchase it from you before I purchase a new Chrysler vehicle.

Don't believe those negative comments other's are saying about your cars.

They are the ones who do not know how to care for their Chrysler.

I love my 1990 Plymouth Sundance.

I love everything about it.

I refuse to let it "die."

I will continue to put my hard earned money into it just to keep it going.

Come and see it at 544 CR 214, Fremont, OH, 43420.

Thank You,

Shirley Castillo.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2002

27th Jan 2007, 16:01

Still have our 1990 Sundance since new. Has 125,000 KM on it. Best car ever.

1990 Plymouth Sundance RS 2.2


A great car, I would honestly buy thisanother car like this again


When I got this car, it was in bad shape.

It needed brakes all around, and a master cylinder.

The car only cost me about $125 to buy, but about $1000 to make safe, that's with me doing all the work.

Not much has gone wrong with my car, not much at all.

General Comments:

I love this car! For a 4-cylinder, it sure goes good. It's all stock, I haven't modified anything in it.

I have not had any major problems with this car, just the regular brakes, and timing belt.

This car has good pick-up, good handling, and is good on fuel as well.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2002