Sundance RS 2.5 turbo

Still going great, and plan to keep.

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Nice car, and good on gas

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Sundance America 4-door hatchback 2.2

Reliable, cute, comfy, a great find after many bad car experiences

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Sundance 2.2

Don't buy it or prepare for lots of costly repairs

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Sundance America 2.2 NA

Reliability personified

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Sundance 2.2

Best deal I've ever made on a car

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Sundance 2 door hatchback 2.2 litre

Runs even when 2 quarts low on oil!!

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Sundance America 2.2 Liter (Not turbo)

I wish they still made them, I'd buy another one in a heartbeat

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Sundance Highline 2-Dr 2.5

A great car for a student/short-haul commuter

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Sundance 2-door hatchback 2.5 4 cylinder

Keeps going and going and going

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Sundance 2.2 litre

An excellent bargain for what I paid for it

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Sundance 2.2 fuel injected

Nice reliable automobile

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Sundance 2.5

Starts strong but fades fast

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