Voyager LX 3.3

Great ride

73 words

Voyager SE 3.1

82 words

Voyager SE 3.0

This van will send you to the poor house.

57 words, 1 comment

Voyager Base 5 speed 2.5L 4 cylinder

Best vehicle we've ever had!

624 words, 1 comment

Voyager Ex 3.3 gas

A well designed van, but too unreliable

126 words

Voyager Base 2.5L 4 cylinder

Stay away! It's junk, I learned the hard way

270 words, 3 comments

Voyager LX

I love the vehicle, but don't trust it

116 words

Voyager SE 3.0 Mitsubishi 6 cylinder

Roomy, powerful, but you need to be vigilant

59 words

Voyager Sport Wagon 3.3L V6

If you want a fast good looking mini-van, this is for you!

105 words, 4 comments

Voyager 3.0 litre

Not too bad overall

59 words

Voyager Base 3.0 V6

Waste of time and money!

47 words, 5 comments