1996 Plymouth Voyager reviews from North America

Voyager SE 2.4

Disappointing, may go back to Ford or an import after this

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Voyager SE 3.0L V6

Comfortable, nice ride... when she goes!

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Voyager SE 3.0 V6

Awful. Avoid

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Voyager 3.0 litre

A great value, have put over 80K on it since spending just $8K to purchase

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Voyager Base 3.0L V6

Good family hauler, but keep it serviced and treat it like a baby

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Voyager SE V6

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Voyager 3.0 gasoline

A high price loser, needs lots of maintenance

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Voyager Sport 3.0

It's a good car if you have money to put into it

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Voyager SE

A very bad buy

Voyager 3 litre

Too many annoyances

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Voyager 3.3 V6

Automotive engineering at its worst

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It stinks like rotten eggs don't buy this LEMON!

Voyager Base 3.0 V6

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