1996 Plymouth Voyager from North America


It stinks like rotten eggs don't buy this LEMON!


Whats not gone wrong with this mini van, the battery went dead the next day after purchase, the transmission, the heat, the ac, an oil leak, hed gasket the front end had to be replaced. The car isn't even 10 years old yet, and it's a financial disaster to a single parent who has an ill child she must take to the Childrens Hospital every few months.

General Comments:

The only good thing about it is that it has a lot of space for cargo.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2003

9th May 2003, 13:56

I'd recommend trading it in on a Chevy Astro/GMC Safari, or Mercury Villager/Nissan Quest. These vans have never failed us.

7th Jul 2003, 09:25

Agree! This car is a lemon. Purchased a '96 in Jan 2000. Problems within first week. Replaced engine and transmission June '02. MAP sensor went out shortly after-$200 and now (June '03) major oil leak.

21st Jan 2004, 11:48

I own a 1996 Plymouth Voyager. This car has turned out to be my worst nightmare. On November 15, 2002, a woman rear-ended me. The Voyager had no visible damage. I wish it had because I would not be suffering today. The impact shifted to my body causing major whiplash. I couldn't work for over 6 weeks. I ended up having to change jobs and fell behind in my bills all because this car is not built to absorb the impact in a low impact rear-end collision. To date I am still suffering. I am very angry and feel the auto maker should compensate me for all my pain and suffering. Before the accident occurred, I had these repairs: engine, electrical work on the door and the catalytic converter kept giving me problems. That's not the full list. The nightmare continues.

30th Apr 2004, 07:14

I agree with these comments. The 1996 Grand Voyager is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I'll never buy Chrysler again.

12th Aug 2004, 16:49

I have owned a 96 Grand Voyager since 1999 and have put 100,000 miles plus on it and have had no problems at all.

1996 Plymouth Voyager Base 3.0 V6 from North America


Problems with frontend suspension in first 10,000 miles, torsion bars replaced, surpentine belts broke frequently. Required four dealer visits before it was finally corrected. Transmission has had excessive play since purchase, dealers all claimed it was normal. However the slack in the transmission has degraded.

General Comments:

Overall I have been a fan of the Voyager & Caravan, however this van is for sale and I am looking at other vans on the market.

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Review Date: 17th May, 1999

18th Aug 2001, 10:13

I have had my transmission replaced. After about 20,000 KM the transmission has leak. I have problems with the cruise control as well. One day it works and the next day it doesn't.

13th Jan 2002, 15:09

I have a 1996 Voyager and I've had problems with the relay switches and had to have most of them replaced. I had to have the pulley or the only belt the vehicle has. Thank goodness those were during the warranty.

Now I've got an oil leak and a transmission leak and squeaky sounds coming from underneath which sounds like metal against metal, but I feel it's too soon for my brake pads to be that worn since I only have 51,000 miles on the van. I personally will never own another Chrysler product.

20th Aug 2003, 11:11

I have a question about the 1996 Plymouth Voyager. I have had something rattling around the back right side for a long time now. I can't find it. It isn't the wheels, shocks or the muffler. But now the left side is starting to rattle the same. Do you know what it might be?

24th Nov 2003, 17:30

I have the squeaky fan belt from hell. It has been changed at least 20 times from three different mechanics over the last three years. There have been times that it starts as you drive of the mechanic's property. Other times it will fool you into thinking that you've finally won the fight, only to be rolling your windows up 10 days down the line. It is so dreadfully noisy and embarrassing. HELP!!

2nd Aug 2007, 21:20

Squeaky belt. New tensioner/idler/belt and scuff shiny pulleys. If this is 3.0L, maybe it's the a.c. belt. Compressor problems?

10th May 2009, 22:13

I have a 1996 Plymouth grand voyager and it balks and acts like it's going to stall when I make a right turn. Does the same whether I have a full tank of gas or not. Does anybody know what might be wrong?