1998 Plymouth Voyager Expresso


The electrical system needs attention from the manufacturer


There is something terribly wrong with the electrical system in this model. We had no power to the gauges (gas, miles, RPMs). We spent quite a bit on it to try to figure out how to fix the electrical problem, but sold it to the guy fixing it, because it was not worth the money we were putting in to it, especially when they couldn't find a cause to the electrical problem. Tried to see if fuses were good, and they were.

General Comments:

The van had a lot of power, it got up to speed really fast.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2011

1998 Plymouth Voyager Expresso 3.3L V6


A work horse, that needs lots of TLC as it gets older


A/C compressor blew at 32000 miles.

Idler pulley 1st replaces at 32000, been replaced four times since

Ignition switches in steering column, replaced 73000 and again at 130000.

Brakes wear OK, fronts being replaced yearly since 120000.

Replaced dash computer at 124000.

Climate control lights been blinking since 115000 miles,no one can fix.

Had Clock spring replaced under recall at 164000.

Serpentine belt began slipping at 163000. Have found replacement.

General Comments:

Gates System Solution Micro V Kit # 38379K OR 38142K

Belt may seem short, I'm have it from the mouth of Gates that this is normal. Also not to worry about grooved belt running over smooth pulleys (water pump). Gates says the grooves offer less resistance therefor no worries.

Gates also says they tested this part for 6 months on a 'fleet'. If belt just too short/tight, replace one of the pulleys with pulley # 38008.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2008

1998 Plymouth Voyager Expresso 3.3L V6


Great car, well built, very versatile, would buy another one tomorrow (but I don't have too!!)


I have replaced only a/c condenser, radiator,& thermostat through 155,000 miles, other than normal maintenance (batteries, tires, brakes, belts) Praise the Lord!!!

General Comments:

This car has proven to be as reliable as my last one, a Chrysler Town and Country, and it is my third Chrysler van. I've owned three of these, lasting now over 30 years total.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2007

1998 Plymouth Voyager Expresso


Do not drive in rain or threat of rain


The air conditioner's compressor had to be replaced at 50,000 miles.

The van could not be used in the rain because the serpentine belt would fall off whenever it got wet, even in puddles AFTER the rain.

We had three different tensioner pulleys installed on this car and at least 10 belts.

The engine had to be replaced at 92,000 miles.

Whenever the brakes needed to be replaced, the drums did, too.

The final straw came when during the last rain when the belt fell off AGAIN and the steering became manual. When I tried to pull off the road a car came out of no where without its lights on in a heavy rain and totaled my car, nearly killing my son. But by the grace of God he is still alive.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2006

9th Feb 2010, 17:17

That is crazy! I own a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager also. 3.3 liter engine. Ours also while driving through water, the serpentine belt would fall off. I replaced the tensioner; still did it. It became a problem when my kids were in van and stranded waiting for help. The solution I came up with was to switch from smooth wheel pulley on tensioner to a ribbed pulley on tensioner. Now the problem is the back of the belt rides there, but I did mine 2 years ago and the belt is still holding and hasn't fallen off since. It just has ribs in back of belt now.

We lost the transmission at 79,000 miles, blew a hole in the case. Apparently every a-604 has the opportunity to do this, due to needing a certain 3 pc. plate kit installed. 2000 and newer models already have this. I still have van, several dollars later, it runs alright.

1998 Plymouth Voyager 2.4


Nicely designed, poorly engineered


Head gasket at 40,000 miles, another at 100,000 miles.

Air conditioner compressor at 90,000 miles.

Several engine cooling fans problems, under recall.

The longest wiper blades made wear quickly, even premium ones.

Seat frames cracked repeatedly.

Transmission failed at 65,000 maintained exactly by the book miles.

General Comments:

Transmission failed at 65,000 miles. It had been maintained at the dealer, and service intervals were exactly when the manual said. I'd heard these vehicles were hard on transmissions, and didn't want to take a chance. The dealer felt a $3,000 transmission at 65,000 miles was acceptable. Huh?

Eats head gaskets. First one was under warranty. Second one was not.

Terrible chattering from wipers, the blades are the longest ones made. Windshield scrubbed with ammonia, no car wash wax on glass, and new premium blades will chatter in 3 months of use.

Cooling fan repaired several times on recall, but you have to know about the recall to get the free fix.

$1,000 spent on A/C at 90,000 miles, failed compressor sends pieces through the system.

I will never buy another Chrysler product. I've owned over 30 cars, some I beat like a rented mule, but the ONLY times I had a transmission failure was on well maintained Chryslers that were my family car, and well maintained.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2006