Ugly, but best car I have ever owned

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Aztek GT 3.4

Ugly, but overall a very useful and reliable vehicle!

255 words

Aztek 3.4L

Good utility, disappointing reliability

108 words

Aztek V6

Wish we had bought two

89 words


Love hate relationship right now

112 words

Aztek AWD 3.4 sfi

Unless you have to have one, pass it up!!

137 words

Aztek AWD V6

This is a great vehicle overall

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Good car if you don't mind the looks

67 words


While the Aztek is roomie, I would not buy another Aztek

62 words

Aztek aztek 3.4 V6

Great, Decent, do all Vehicle

31 words

Aztek GT 3.4L


136 words


Great when it is working. Expensive when it is not

96 words

Aztek 3.4 V6


18 words


Overall I would rate it a 8 out of 10

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I love my Aztek!

129 words

Aztek 3.4

Very good for the price

71 words


Wish I'd kept my 1988 Escort or waited for the Pontiac Vibe

281 words


Numerous problems, who's responsible?

220 words

Aztek 3.7L

I wish I'd bought something else. The Aztec is too typical of poor U.S. cars' workmanship.

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Even though have had a few problems, I still love my Aztek!

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Aztek AWD V6

I feel safe and I enjoy it everyday

271 words

Aztek 3.1 gas

Unique style with a comfortable ride

116 words

Aztek GT 3.4

The Aztek is a unique and fun to drive vehicle

301 words


Great daily driver, economical, big car ride

61 words

Aztek 2WD

Like my ex-wife, this should have been a long and beautiful relationship

199 words

Aztek 4.3L V6 207 CID

Definite Diamond in the Rough

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Aztek GT

Don't buy first year models!

97 words, 8 comments

Aztek GT 3.4L fuel injected

Do not purchase GM products, they do not stand behind them

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Aztek GT AWD 3.4 Liter 3.4 SFI V6

This car is as close to a lemon as I ever hope to get

153 words


Outstanding vehicle for families on the go

149 words

Aztek GT Sport

Transmission died at 40,600 miles

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71 words


I would not buy this car again as the cost to maintain is too high

108 words


Great car, but GM should take care of the A/C problems

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Very bad

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Aztek GT 3.4

I love my Aztek, I am buying a newer model today!

62 words

Aztek 3.4 sefi

Very great recreation vehicle

24 words

Aztek 3.1

74 words

Aztek FWD

Other than the afore mentioned minor glitches, I have had no other problems with this car

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Aztek All Wheel Drive 3.4

This car is like a Corvair, it will make a mark in history... called a stain

111 words


Great style and comfort

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Aztek AWD 6cl


91 words

Aztek 3.4

I would buy one again since I know some of these issues are corrected in subsequent years

68 words


I wouldn't buy another one, but love the one I have now, even though we have had so many problems

119 words

Aztek 3.4

The most useful familly vehicle on the market

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Aztek awd GT

I am not a repeat buyer for this one

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Aztek GT 3.4 V6

Most versatile vehicle on the planet!

47 words

Aztek 6 cylinder

Don't judge a book by its cover!

304 words

Aztek 6 cylinder

It is the second best car I've bought

118 words

Aztek GT 3.7

Provides comfort and security

139 words, 2 comments

Aztek Base V6 gas.

256 words

Aztek 2wd 3.4 Gas

This car was a great bargain at a time when I needed a vehicle and I had very little cash

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Aztek GT 4.3

High priced, quality of a Yugo

136 words


I love the vehicle, but am disappointed with the dealer

186 words

Aztek GT

Problematic to the max!

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It is different and unique - we absolutely love it; it's not ugly!!!

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Aztek AWD

The Best of an SUV, Minivan, and Car

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Aztek AWD 3.4 Ltr V6

Everything I always wanted, ride comfort and spacious

142 words

Aztek GT 3.4L/V6

Very cool and unique!

83 words

Aztek GT FWD 3.4L V6

A quiet, comfortable, economical vehicle

126 words


Beyond ugly

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Aztek GT

Don't judge a book by its cover

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