Bonneville SE 3.8L V6

This car is a great American luxury sports sedan, and it is a great buy for a kid's first car

141 words

Bonneville SSEi 3.8L

You'd better get one

18 words

Bonneville SSEI 3.6

It is a fantastic automobile

118 words

Bonneville SSEi 3.8 Liter Supercharged

I can't believe everyone doesn't want one.

470 words, 2 comments

Bonneville SE 3.8 Series II

Strap yourself in and go for a ride

196 words

Bonneville SE 3.8 series 2

Overpriced, overrated, pile of junk!!!

457 words, 2 comments

Bonneville SE 3.8 Series II

Great reliable GM sedan that will go the distance

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Bonneville SSEi 3.8 liter

I miss my Bonni!!

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Bonneville LSE - 40 year anniversary 3.2 Series II

Poorly engineered for the price

263 words

Bonneville SSEi 3.8 Supercharged

Fast and Reliable

132 words

Bonneville SE 3.8 V6

If maintained, this car will last and last. Keep it checked, and it won't let you down

216 words, 3 comments

Bonneville SE 3.8

Piece of junk

98 words

Bonneville SE 3.8L V6

A good, reliable full-sized car

92 words

Bonneville SE 3.8

High-Cost Maintenance Nightmare-Intake Manifold and Transmission-Shot @ 60,000 Miles!!!

123 words, 16 comments

Bonneville SSE 3.8 Liter Supercharged V6

Quite simply the best car I ever owned

295 words, 2 comments

Bonneville SE 3.8L

Good full sized reliable car

60 words

Bonneville SE 3.8

The jury is still out

83 words

Bonneville SSE 3.8 V6

Disappointed purchase due to the amount of required repairs

132 words, 1 comment

Bonneville SE 3.8 (non-supercharged)

Good, but not great - especially over 50,000 miles

211 words, 3 comments

Bonneville SLE 6 cylinder

Not worth the high price

33 words

Bonneville SE

As comfortable, dependable, and stylish as any car on the road today

42 words

Bonneville SE 3.8 litre

An absolutely wonderful automobile

67 words

Bonneville SE 3.8 liter

Comfortable but unreliable

44 words, 2 comments

Bonneville SSEI super-charged

Great luxury and speed for a mid-price

38 words

Bonneville SE 3.8 L V6 (non-supercharged)

Comfortable, powerful, smooth, but repairs are troublesome

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Bonneville SSEi 3.6 supercharged

Good looks, nice performance, get a new suspension system!

110 words, 31 comments

Bonneville SE 3.8L

A comfortable, sporty and reliable full-sized American car

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Bonneville SE 3..8

Pontiac paper weight!!!

98 words, 12 comments

Bonneville SSEi 3.8

Has proven to be a poor choice

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Bonneville SSEi 3.8 supercharged V6

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