7th Oct 2004, 12:17

I've added the supercharger oil to the top of the threads and it's toned down the "whine". Thought about the smaller pulley idea and was told that with over 50,000 to forget it, too much stress on the engine. Anyone disagree? I love this car, and I'm a truck guy. On the other hand the transmision quit down shifting and wants to stall when coming to a stop. Babied the thing to auto zone, dummy light came on, they said torque converter indicated a "stuck on condition". Only 88,000 now, kind of disappointed. Still waiting to hear from Cottman transmission.

12th Nov 2004, 08:47

I own 96 Bonneville SE had no problems until one day it overheated with no warning. I checked and replaced the fluids, but it would not crank up, all lights and everything comes on when I turn the key, it even makes a startup sound but it what crank up. What could be the problem?

31st Jan 2005, 19:56

This car is luxurious junk! From a/c, to paint, to rust, to suspension, to transmission, to a key less entry system that worked for a month, to major engine problems, this car has it all! Oh yea, the dealer support is dreadful! Two months for a/c parts to come in! I will never buy a Pontiac... scratch that, I will never buy a GMC EVER! They build nice looking junk.

30th Jul 2005, 07:51

I just purchased a 97 Bonneville SSEI. My 94 SE had 290,000 and still did'nt use oil and always woke up in the morning. I had the trans rebuilt @ 182,000. Other than alternator replacements every year no problems. I owned this vehicle for over 7 years. When purchased it had 166,000 miles. You have to have an ear for chosing used vehicles.

9th Feb 2007, 18:39

My dad bought a 1997 Pontiac Bonnevill 40th anniversary ssei and we love it. It has approximately 130,000 miles and runs aw some. That car will really fly. We've had it up to 125 mph and it wasn't even in overdrive yet. Luckily we've had no problems with the super charger that I've herd people talk about. I love it so much I'm trying to find one for me when I turn 16.

26th Apr 2007, 13:52

Common Problems.

The naturally aspirated 3800 Series II engine (L36) is known for having problems with the upper composite intake degrading from EGR tube heat and leaking coolant into the engine, along with lower intake manifold gasket problems. Please click here to read more about this.

The lower intake manifold gaskets tend to fail prematurely because of the GM Dex-Cool antifreeze used in these vehicles, and require replacement around 100,000 miles, depending on the climate in which the car is driven.

1st Aug 2007, 09:28

I bought a '97 Bonneville SSE in California, 91,000 miles on it for $2,100 including all the taxes and registration.

The paint is thin, but looks good. The security system has some quirks. It runs perfectly. The transmission has a little bit of slippage. Could the slippage possibly be cured by a band adjustment? This car is a keeper.

19th Aug 2007, 02:54

We own a 1997 Bonneville SSei 40TH Anniversary Edition. Purchased it 2 years ago. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I have had it over 100 mph, without the wife, and never had it floored. And, it looks as good as it runs, still.

16th Dec 2007, 14:19

I have a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville 3800 v6 ssei supercharger. I have tuning knowledge from Pontiac professional. I have Reactive short ram intake, NGK plugs, 3.5 inch racing exhaust. full synthetic oil (works well with supercharges)

2nd Jan 2009, 03:20

I bought a 97 Bonneville SSEi and I love it. I got it for 2000 dollars with 130k miles; the only bad part was that the AC didn't work and I didn't feel like spending 600 bucks to fix it.

Besides that, it runs incredible, it will get up and go to about 135 to 140 (HUDS display) in no time.

Never had any kind of problem since I bought it. Just make sure you change the oil (synthetic advised) spark plugs etc. Regular maintenance stuff and it will last a long long time.

Never had a problem with the supercharger everybody is talking about.

7th Feb 2009, 00:42

I just purchased my third Bonneville, my first two were SE's. This one is an SSE. 1997. What makes the car a 40th anniversary? Is it just the badge?

7th Mar 2009, 18:59

I have a 97 3.8 litre Bonneville. After the battery was changed the head lights will not go off? Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

17th Sep 2009, 21:45

I got my 97 supercharged Bonneville (197,250 miles) from a coworker who needed a tiller, so I traded my tiller with it because I need a temp car after my Honda Accord caught on fire. I was supposed to drive the car for one year, but it has been with me for more than 3 years with no problems. Now it has 220,500 miles. All I did to it just changing oil. Just regular Castrol GT oil.

18th Sep 2010, 07:54

I have a 97 Superbonnie. Man, I love that car. It rides smooth with air shocks.

The car's got major balls. I raced it a guy in the Ford Taurus SHO who said it's a POS. I showed him, I smoked his ass, but what's with the superchargers, they always acted up?

22nd Sep 2010, 06:57

I started with a 1989 Bonneville SE, low mileage one owner car from a dealer that was four years old and had 28K on it. I did not think much about it, but after I was through with it about 180K (ran the transmission empty and burned it up at 169K) I gave it to my son, he ran it without issue to 225K, then gave it to my nephew who ran it to 280K and gave it to his mother-in-law who ran it a few years then bought a new Bonneville, it was still running when she sold it to a salvage yard.

I replaced it with a 1992 SSE, ran that up to 305K (mostly interstate mileage), replaced rack on it twice, water pump, alternator. I live in Pennsylvania, sold it to a guy in Texas when I was done with it, it still ran and did not use oil, everything worked on it, power windows, antenna, etc., it was still a very nice car.

I bought the wife a 1993 SSE, then I bought a 1994 SSEI, also had a 1998 SE and blew the engine, was the water leak issue and cracked the heads. I replaced the engine and sold it, the current car is 1997 SSEI, again a low mileage one owner car, just turned 138K on it, water pump, idler pully replaced, and ride control compressor just went.

The car runs well enough to keep, is black with a charcoal interior, and a sharp looker.

On the supercharged ones, it had one up to 127 MPH and it wanted to keep going, they are fast once you get them moving, but at their weight 240 HP is not enough to drag race.

Will probably pick up a 2003 SSEI and then that will be it.

Just thought someone may want to know, probably not great cars, but for GM, were pretty good.