Firebird Trans Am 6.6 liter Olds 403

Simply the best car I've ever owned and I'm so glad to still have it 35 years later

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Firebird Trans Am 6.6 litre

This car is awesome

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Firebird Trans am 6.6L

People stare when they see and hear it

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Firebird Trans Am Olds 403

2nd Generation Trans Ams are HOT

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Firebird pontiac 301

Enough torque to rip my 4 cylinder car to bits

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Firebird Trans Am 6.6L 403 Olds

Classic all around fun car.

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Firebird Trans Am Oldsmobile 455

A high performance bargain

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Firebird Ccoupe modified 350-V8 HO

This car is FAST!!!

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Firebird Formula 400 High Output

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