Firebird Trans Am 5.0

I thoroughly enjoy this car, and plan to keep it for years to come

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Firebird Trans Am 5.0 TPI

Most fun I've ever had outside of bed!

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Firebird 2.8L V6


93 words

Firebird 5.0

No trade or money would convince me to disown it

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Firebird V6

This is a fabulous car, and despite obstacles, has proven to be quite reliable

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Firebird Trans Am 6.0

The best car you will ever own

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Firebird TA 5.0 HO 305

Excellent overall value for the money

57 words

Firebird Trans Am 351

A wonderfully crafted machine!

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Firebird SE 2.8 multi port fuel injection

A good reliable car for sale

44 words

Firebird SE 2.8 V6

Most beautiful car for the money

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Firebird Coupe 2.8 V6

High performance bargain

51 words

Firebird 2.8L

A great investment

45 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.0 V8

Nickel and Dime'd to death

278 words, 2 comments

Firebird Trans Am 5.0l 305-H

The greatest car I have ever owned!

190 words

Firebird 2.8L V6

A very good car for the price

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Firebird Trans Am 305/5.0 TPI

A real kick in the ass!!

74 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.0L TPI V8

A great car.

252 words

Firebird 2.8L V6

High performance dependability

172 words

Firebird Sport Coupe/Hatchback 2.8L MPFI v6

One of the best sports cars for the money

204 words, 1 comment

Firebird Trans Am 5.0L 4bbl

Very fast

93 words, 2 comments

Firebird 5.0

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