Firebird Formula 5.7 V8

Modern Day Pure American Muscle

432 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7L LT1

A beutiful POS

61 words

Firebird Trans Am LT1 350

Pure muscle

77 words

Firebird Trans Am WS6 5.7 liter 350

Oh yeah!

72 words

Firebird base convertible 3.8 litre gas engine

The perfect car if you love convertibles

38 words

Firebird 3.8L V6

There is no better car than a late model Firebird!

326 words

Firebird Coupe 6 cylinder.

Will never buy another

106 words, 9 comments

Firebird transam 5.7

Better than sex!

160 words, 2 comments

Firebird TransAm WS6 5.7

I love it

140 words, 2 comments

Firebird formula V8, 5.7

This is what I call a muscle car

72 words

Firebird Trans Am 5.7 LS1 V8


18 words

Firebird Trans Am WS6 350 V8

One tough looking and performing car

83 words, 1 comment

Firebird Coupe 2 door 3.8 liter V-6

High performance, lush comfort, bargain prices - say no more!

104 words, 5 comments

Firebird Trans Am WS6 Ram Air 5.7

Batmans toy car on the weekend!!!

102 words, 1 comment