G5 Pursuit GT 2.4

It's a great car that runs well and is fun to drive - and it performs well in a heavy winter

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G5 Pursuit 2.2

Cheap. Crap. Gone

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G5 Pursuit SE 2.2

I don't recommend this car, I will not buy GM again

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G5 Pursuit SE Sedan 2.2L


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G5 Pursuit GT 2.4

Worst car ever!

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G5 Pursuit 2.2L

Never again

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G5 Pursuit

Not impressed

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G5 Pursuit GT Coupe

Very good car

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G5 Pursuit Base 2.2 litre ECOTEC

Good value for the money!

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G5 Pursuit SE 2 door 2.2 ecotec 140hp 152lb

Best buy of the year under 20K$ CAN

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G5 Pursuit SE 2.2L Ecotec

Nice car, a head turner

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