29th Apr 2010, 20:39

Have an 06 G5 with 110 000 kms on it. It's been rattling in the front end basically since brand new, but it's now getting worse. Brought it in around 70 000 kms and was told all it needed was brakes.

Seems to be coming from the passenger side, and only when going over little bumps. I went through a little dip in a parking lot at about 15km/h the other day, and it sounded like the front end fell out of the car, but once I got back on the highway, it was as smooth as can be.

Any thoughts?

30th Apr 2010, 09:44

I have a 2007 G5 with 71000 kms on it. I just came back from my garage as it was making the front end noises. They said it needed the front vertical control arm bushings replaced as well as the stabilizer links. Total price approx. $500.00. I'm out of the warranty period and not happy about this to say the least.

What the heck is going on with these car companies, you would think after building vehicles for over 80 years now they would be able to get it right.

What a piece of junk - from now on I'm thinking of either leasing or buying foreign.

Totally disappointed with GM.

30th Apr 2010, 19:05

The rattling is annoying, but it's nothing to worry about, the previous generation Sunfires were the same way, Cavaliers and Cobalts too. Your concern should be with the power steering recall and control arm bushings, which seem to be a big design flaw with these cars...

10th May 2010, 14:05

"Seriously hoping someone steals it or catches fire."

Only Fords catch fire. Sorry.

31st May 2010, 15:12

I haven't had any real problems with my G5 2006. All I have changed on it was my steering column, and it was under warranty. I am happy with it. I've got 61 000 km.

22nd Jul 2010, 19:49

I have owned a 2005 Pontiac Pursuit for five months. I am not pleased with the front end rattling or the hesitation, or the steering column or the way it handles in winter, etc, etc.

My last car was a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire, and I loved it. 403,010 km on it and sold it foolishly. I would not recommend this Pursuit/G5 to anyone. It is not reliable at all, a total piece of junk.

If GM has financial troubles again, I hope they are told to build a decent car and get themselves out of it. Ford here I come.

6th Aug 2010, 16:13

2007 G5. I have a front end rattle (very loud) when I go over bumps. Had the sway bar links replaced under warranty, Issue came back quickly. I have been unable to fix the rattle (I broke my arm) for about 3 months... It now seriously sound like the front end is going to fall off when I hit a bump. 65000 km.

24th Nov 2010, 17:56

I would advise everyone to stay clear of anything GM. I have a 2008 G5, and I have had it towed twice, and had it in for repair so many times I can't remember. My car only has 50,000 kms. Buying this car was the biggest mistake I made. It has caused me so much stress having an unreliable car. I don't want anyone else to go though the same trouble and hassle as I did. Please take my advice, and don't buy GM!!

26th Nov 2010, 13:59

I have a 2008 Pontiac G5, and the car is a huge piece of garbage. I have had this car in so many times now, I can't count. Tie rods, bushings front and rear, control arms, always a thumping noise in the front end, oh and did I mention bearings done on the front tires now twice!! The really sad thing is that the girls at GM customer service know me on a first name basis now. And a friend of mine is a mechanic at a GM dealer... seems the issue is when you take a car in for "warranty work", the mechanics don't get paid by GM for the work, so they put it off until you have to pay... sucks doesn't it. I hate this car... maybe I'll leave the keys in it and park it at the casino... hopefully it won't come back.

18th Mar 2011, 06:11

I own a 2006 Pursuit, and the cold engine problem you're having that they can't explain is the emission control unit. It has gone once on my car twice now, and if I didn't have warranty coverage, it's a $2800 fix.

16th Jul 2011, 02:34

I just figured I'd let you know Pontiac has a huge recall right now on their 2007 models; it's a gas leak that could cause your G5 to catch fire. Just saying I would go to lemonauto.com to check. Just saying.

20th Jul 2011, 02:44

I have bought a 2006 Pursuit. My first GM car, and I love it. A Ford Focus was my last car, and it was a mistake of a car (crap). The Pursuit was very good. The steering column was gone at 60.000kms, but GM fixed it for free.

13th Aug 2011, 22:47

I owned a Ford Focus, had very bad luck, bought a Pursuit G 2006 and love it. Had the steering column replaced under warranty. So far 80,000kms, and all's good!

18th Aug 2011, 20:52

I have a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit and have had the same rattling noises in the front end. I had it first on the passenger side, but over time they got louder and more constant. Then the driver's side went as well. Interesting enough, the parts to fix the front bushings cost around $26.00. It is the labour that is costly. It ended up costing approximately $240.00 to fix the noise. But, as all the other comments, the noise is starting to return all over again. Good luck in getting GM to help with this ongoing problem.. If you do not want to deal with it, I would get rid of the car...

11th Dec 2011, 18:36

I recently wrecked my 2002 Cavalier in an accident had 240,000 km on it, and had only replaced the battery. The car was a 5 speed standard. Fantastic car, never had a problem.

Replaced it with a G5 2006; terrible car, front end rattles, stalls at traffic lights. If I can't stop the front rattles, I am selling it ASAP.

9th May 2012, 14:51

The Pontiac Pursuit is by far the worst vehicle I ever purchased!

24th Jul 2012, 07:57

My G5 just hit 100,000 km. I'm disgusted with the fact GM won't fix their mistakes with everyone. My G5 has had struts and links replaced, and a rack pinion replaced.. Got an appointment tomorrow for something else!

17th Sep 2012, 13:43

I have had an 06 Pursuit from 0 Km. The rattle has been there since about 50,000 Km. I changed struts, took it in for a front end check, and pried and shook everything I could. I believe it is the rear vertical control arm bushing, because the control arm moves up and down on the bushing. I cut a piece of 1/2" rubber and put it in between the frame and control arm. It has quieted it down considerably.

I have had the car since new, and took it in for service twice, and also the steering pump recall. This car has 197,000 Km. (lots of off road, 25,000 Km) with only brake, plugs, oil, oil/air filter and belt changes. I have had it in for alignments and everything has been within normal parameters.

I am shocked by the grief you've had. Like I said, I've done most of the service work myself???

I like the car, and I believe GM knows how to fix it, but won't address the problem because of $$$$ and it's not made any more. For this reason, I won't buy GM again.

13th Oct 2012, 04:40

Bought a G6, drove to work, and now the ignition is stuck on. It's like trying to turn it off in Drive... ;/ Anyone know why? Shifter or ignition???

15th Nov 2012, 09:54

Hi, I had the same problem. It's your shifter, it's not reading it's in Park. Try taking it out of Park and slamming it back into Park as a temporary fix. You will need to get the shifter replaced; about a $240 fix.

11th Jul 2013, 12:15

Was just wondering where do you call to make these complaints, because after a few visits to the garage (the most recent one this morning, that just cost me $300 for 2 bushings) I still have the rattling sound in my front end. I am a single mother, and thought I was doing the right thing in buying a new car, but I should have stayed with the old one I had.

20th Sep 2014, 20:47

You can pick up some mothballs at the Buck or Two and put them in the car. I hear mice don't like the scent. My husband puts them in his older cars. No harm, right?

24th May 2017, 05:26

If you put a few Bounce sheets around some hoses and around your can, they don't like the scent.

24th May 2017, 21:13

I have been putting dryer sheets for years in my cars. Even the tailpipes for winter. Cool trick.

1st Sep 2018, 16:30

It's because it's not quality.

It's a complete piece of garbage.

The worst car I have ever bought in my life.

I am completely Ford from here on in.