23rd Oct 2009, 11:35

Did you ever get GM to pay for this, because I've been fighting this too. Just wondering if you got any response on the matter?

23rd Oct 2009, 21:27

I don't think GM or Chrysler should have gotten one penny of bailout money from the taxpayers.

Let's see how much "better" these corporations are now - my guess is that they will still conduct business as usual, at least as much as they can get away with.

26th Oct 2009, 11:30

I got my 2006 Pontiac G5 used from the dealership. There was 13, 000 Km on it. New right, well. This car has been nothing but a problem. I have had my sway bar replaced 3 times, bushings twice and my steering column replaced once. The heater also had to be replaced. The tires on the car did not even make it till 20, 000 Km and were in dire need of replacing. I got the chance to look up the information on the repairs of my car at an interview at the dealership, and this car has been in the shop since the day it was bought by the original owner.

The only good thing about this car is great gas mileage. I get roughly 800-900 km on a tank. Great in town car. Once I put new tires on, not a problem in our Northern Candian Winters. Loved the colour selection and decent stereo in it.

Biggest suggestion for car, you have kids, stay away from it. The opening to the trunk is so small, you can hardly fit a suit case in, never mind a stroller.

7th Nov 2009, 16:12

Does anybody have problems with mice getting in? I have an 06 Pursuit and I can't keep the mice out; I even took it to a body shop and had them look for holes, but they couldn't find anything.

17th Nov 2009, 20:57

I will not be buying a GM product either. I have a 2006 G5 and have had it in for warranty issues like 50 times. Ranging from steering column, intermediate shaft, struts manual transmission replaced at 50k, tie rods, bushings of all kinds, door handle came off, door wouldn't open, sunroof motor, clip and switch, head liner. I am not exaggerating when I say it has been in 50 times. All the above have been repeat offenders with exception to the transmission. I have been in contact with GM Canada to see what they are going to do with their piece of crap car. There response is that they're not in the business of buying cars back. With this car having 60k on it, I'm afraid to keep it without warranty till 100k... I'm annoyed I didn't buy a Honda in the first place.

1st Dec 2009, 15:18

To add fuel to the fire, I have 2006 Pontiac G5 with 47000kms and it has seen is time in the shop as well. I have had the steering column replaced, and when they put in back together, the alignment was off and they told me to get an alignment. Front bushing and control arms done, now the sway bar linkage, oh and the fuel sensor as well, can't forget the leather shifter. GM had a recall on the injectors, so figured I'd better get them done. Before I was getting 450 to 600kms on a tank of gas, and now getting 250 to 390kms. GM says that there's nothing wrong. Stay away from this car...

15th Jan 2010, 09:59

Has anyone actually found a solution to the front end clunking/rattling noise? We have had our steering column replaced twice, new struts, sway bar links, bushings, and intermediate shaft all replaced at least once, if not twice, and still the problem returns. The last two times it has been in the rattling was gone for about 6-8 weeks before coming back, and getting worse and worse over just a few more weeks. I know, same story as everyone else.

I'm just wondering if there is anyone at all who has had the problem actually solved? Is there something causing all of these front end parts to fail?

25th Jan 2010, 10:42


I have a Pontiac G5 Pursuit. I am having the same issues as well with the rattle noise. They tell me too it is my steering column. I contacted GM as well, and all they sent me was a oil change free for my troubles.

The seat belt does not go back, and the seat cover keeps coming off the front driver's seat. LOL.

So what is up with this car? Has anyone got a fix on that rattle yet?

4th Feb 2010, 11:39

I still have no solution to the rattle, and no luck with GM. Just spoke to GM again and both GM and the dealership refuse to do anything about it. They've moved my complaint to the "next level" and I'm supposed to hear back from them.

Unless they agree to fix the steering rack (or at least this is the diagnosis of the day) at no charge to me, I will be making every attempt to pursue arbitration. Obviously this is a problem that is common with the car and they should take responsibility for it.

7th Feb 2010, 14:21

2006 G5 PURSUIT. Oh yes that's what we have for another month. Lucky we leased it and will soon get rid of it! That is the benefit of leasing over buying.

Our front end has all these clunking problems from the beginning. Don't remember how many times it went in for service, and then the guarantee expires and now we have to pay for these repairs, which don't last long and break again. We are now so paranoid from this experience we can't decide on a new vehicle. We were just about to buy a 2010 Toyota Camry, and then their problems began. I think it's an omen to keep on looking. Good luck to all 2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit owners. My sympathies!!!

13th Mar 2010, 10:26

I've had all the same issues with my car. Actually lost the fuse block at 63000 KMs. And as for the control arm bushing, there is a design flaw in the vehicle and they don't last. My uncle is journeyman auto mechanic with 27 years experience, and owns his own shop. I had him replace mine, and he told me they may last a couple of years, and they might last until you get off the parking lot. It's obviously a design flaw that GM won't own up to. Should be a recall! Very poor quality.

26th Mar 2010, 19:59

I have a 2006 G5 and have nothing but troubles. I have replaced the sway bar links twice on both sides, steering column, and bushings. Now my ABS light is coming on and off, I had service air bag message come on and off, my rear defrost is no longer working, and my volume on my steering wheel goes up but won't go down. Does anybody know what could be the problem? I have changed fuses, but noting works. I won't buy another GM.

20th Apr 2010, 10:23

I have been having a lot of noise coming from the front end of my car, and thought at first that it was just the winter tires, but I have since had them switched and my summer tires put on.

After reading all the comments, I am certain that my bushings are needing to be replaced. My car just rolled over 61000 kms. I had it in before the warranty was up in February to make sure nothing was wrong, but I guess that they "missed" this problem. Likely so I would have to pay for it.

This noise has been going on for about 4 months now. What kind of price am I looking at spending to have the front bushings replaced?