26th Jun 2008, 12:02

I fully agree with your comments. I had the same banging noise in my 2006 Pursuit. The dealer said it was the steering column and they replaced it 4 times. They also replaced one strut and the noise is still there. I took it to a private, licenced mechanic and within 5 minutes said that the control arm bushings were gone. He put it on the hoist and "BINGO" there it was. He also said that they hade been gone for a very long time. Makes me wonder why the GM mechanic did not notice this one month ago. Soooooo... if you are having a problem with knocking noises in the front end and the dealers say it is the steering column, have them look at the control arm bushings. By the way, my warranty expired 16500 kms ago so I am paying to have this fixed myself. Makes you wonder if it could have been found before the warranty ran out eh?

18th Nov 2008, 12:59

I have a 2006 Pursuit and had the front control arm bushings replaced, struts, right ball joint, and 2 sway bar links, and I still have this loose sound on the drivers side. Had it in the garage 3 times to check it out; nothing loose.

5th Dec 2008, 07:24

I have a 2006 Pursuit with all the issues listed above. The clunking noise from the front end is finally gone, but now it sounds like the front wheel bearings are shot. Last GM product for me. This is the fourth new one and I have had nothing but trouble with all 4. 2 S-10's and a Cavalier before this one. Time to move into a Honda!!!

13th Dec 2008, 00:46

I have had a Pursuit since May 06 and I've loved it. Did have one problem with a hose snapping and then hitting the air conditioner and really messing things up, but luckily I had just had the car into the dealership the week before for the semi-annual checkup, so everything was covered by warranty, even had a rental car to continue on my trip.

The only reason I am now looking to get rid of my car is that we've had baby number 2 and the rear facing carseat is too squished in the backseat.

19th Jan 2009, 11:32

I finally got rid of my 06 Pursuit. As I stated above, the thing was a total piece of garbage. I traded it for a 2005 Ford Escape XLT and I have never been happier. It's funny though that GM swears by their products and the best in the business but the resale value on a pursuit is ridiculous.

New 2008 Pursuit - $21000

Used 2007 Pursuit - $14000

Used 2006 Pursuit - $7500

How does a car depreciate so much after only 18 months if it is such a quality product?

23rd Feb 2009, 20:34

I purchased a 2006 G5 new, there was a recall early on for the fuel injectors, and then twice we changed the shifter under warranty. No problems after that until we hit about 30,000 Ks.

The front end noise people mention... just driving 3 mph over a gravel road for example creates a rattling sound behind the steering wheel. You'd swear the front end was about to fall apart...

I took it in today after driving 6 months with it... and yes the steering column was shot.. needed replacing... apparently if you drive slow on a gravel road and turn to the right or left, the noise will go away. That means it has the problem I have... there is a bulletin out on this problem, in the last 3 weeks I hear a rattle behind my glove box and I hope they found that as well... but I get the car back tomorrow so I don't know about that.

24th Feb 2009, 16:40

I have a 2007 Pontiac G5, 2.2L. Just had the bushings replaced at 11000 km. Wondering if there has been a recall for this model. Don't think I will buy another GM product after the warranty is up.

Betty Theo.

19th Jun 2009, 13:18

Rattle in front end.

Bushings at 10,000 miles.

Front links at 15,000.

Steering intermediate shaft at 20,000 and a column at 25,000.. routine on a G5.

16th Aug 2009, 00:27

I took over the lease of a 2006 Pursuit when it already had 53000 km on it. After putting 6000km, the clunking noise started from the front wheel on the passenger side. The control arm bushings had failed and the steering rack had problems as well. I got it repaired and returned it to the dealer. Based on the comments above, I guess these are common problems in a G5.

16th Aug 2009, 21:33

I rented a Pontiac G5 2-door for a week. It was a nice looking car, comfortable enough, and had okay power, but I totally agree with the comment about poor visibility out the back. The car is shaped like a wedge that sits higher in the back, so looking in the rear view mirror all you see is the spoiler on the trunk, and when you turn to physically look over your right shoulder all you see is the top of the trunk, and you look over your left shoulder and all you see is the roof post. I felt really uncomfortable driving this car in heavy Atlanta traffic with such poor visibility.

The other thing that was surprising was that this car apparently had no anti-lock brakes. I'm surprised enough that any car in this day and age even has rear drum brakes, but to not even have anti-lock brakes is awfully chintzy. The lowly Dodge Caliber and Ford Focus have them, so why not the supposedly more sporty Pontiac?

On the good side, the car got over 30 mpg.

18th Aug 2009, 13:25

We are leasing a 06 Pursuit Coupe, and like us we've had our car in 5 times. The first month we had it, we had to take it in because it was choking and sputtering here, to find out the wire harness had to be replaced, and they took the part from a Cobalt to fix it. The wire harness was faulty.

4 months later we had it back at the shop due to the gas cap light on the dash was on, then we had it back in due to the motor light on the dash again came on.

Then the fuel injector had to be replaced. And not to mention the hydraulic seal; something to do with the clutch pedal. It's now as we speak in the shop. We sure purchased quite the lemon. We take it back in March and I will never shop with them again. So I too can feel the pain that we go through with this type of car.

25th Sep 2009, 15:45

Bought a 2006 G5 pursuit new in October of '06. Since then I have had the steering column replaced twice and the arm bushings replaced. All under warranty. Just hit 56 000 kms and warranty runs out at 60k's. Seems to need replacing every 6 months or so. GM will not continue to replace the part even though they have done it twice already. I will be required to pay for it. What a joke.

16th Oct 2009, 19:43

I have a 2006 Pontiac Pursuit leased. Has had control arm bushings replaced twice, steering column, wheel bearings. Now has 77000 kms on it and it just failed a safety inspection needing control arm bushings again. Fighting with GM Canada to pay for it. WILL NEVER OWN ANOTHER GM PRODUCT!!

This is the "new" GM alright. The public should have had a chance to vote if we wanted our tax dollars to be used to keep them afloat. I would have been happier to give the guys at the plant the money and let the bast&*ds shut the doors.

Bought a new Civic 10 months ago and you could not pay me enough to part with it!! The lady at GM had the nerve to ask me if I would take a survey over the phone right after I had told her the whole story. I did and the survey ended with the question..."would you recommend this dealership to a friend?" She hung up after 15 seconds of laughing. Will keep you posted as to what happens with my complaint... I do not intend on letting it go.