Great reliable car!

42 words

G6 GT 3.5

Super amazing! Exciting to drive!

96 words

G6 GT 3.7L V6

Love the car overall, looks sharp, drives very well

82 words

G6 GT V6

The G6 GT is a fun car without solid backing from its manufacturer

211 words

G6 6 cylinder

G6 has great potential, but falls short

210 words


This car has a lot of glitches

196 words, 4 comments


Love the car, hate the roof!

149 words, 3 comments

G6 GT 2.4

The car is a good ride just wish I wasn't in the shop constantly

42 words


Love my car, but Should have not bought the first one

81 words

G6 SE 3.5L

The Pontiac G6 is by far the best car I've driven in it's class and price bracket

622 words, 7 comments


Do not buy if you are short

79 words, 2 comments

G6 Base 3.5L OHV V6

A good, if somewhat pricey, vehicle

631 words, 8 comments

G6 V6 3.5L V6

Excellent car from Pontiac

127 words

G6 GT 3.5L V6

Great highway cruiser

70 words