Grand Prix

I loved it

43 words

Grand Prix 2.8L V6 173 ci.

This car is Totally kick @$$ Radical!

107 words

Grand Prix SE 2.8 6 cylinder

Plenty of potential with many engineering flaws

667 words, 3 comments

Grand Prix SE 2.8L V6

Quick car, low price

124 words

Grand Prix LE 2.8L

May not warranty repair costs if purchased for over $1000

155 words, 1 comment

Grand Prix LS 2.8L

Piece of junk

224 words, 1 comment

Grand Prix LE 2.8 V6

Great value at a low cost

60 words

Grand Prix LE

Great car, but very high maintenance

136 words

Grand Prix

The engine performs as well as ever at 133,000 miles

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Grand Prix ?

This car is hot

77 words

Grand Prix 6 cylinder

It is a great running car, but bad on adding accessories

185 words, 4 comments

Grand Prix SE V6

Sharp looking car that turns heads!

131 words

Grand Prix SE 2.8L V6

An average car that has been with me for years

112 words, 2 comments

Grand Prix 2.8L

A high performance bargain - just be nice to the brakes!

158 words

Grand Prix 2.8 litre

High performance at a low cost

158 words, 5 comments

Grand Prix 2.8 6 cyl

Potential for a great bargain, ruined by bad brakes

229 words

Grand Prix LE 2 door 2.8

Good driving vehicle if no problem parts used

127 words