1988 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 2.8L V6 from North America


Quick car, low price


Coolant line was eroded- replaced.

2 bad feul injectors- replaced.

Alternator replaced recently.

Worn seats.

New clutch.

General Comments:

I'm happy to have a pretty rare GP, being that it's a 5 speed.

I wrecked it and have been rebuilding it, but the alignment is out of whack and is wearing the tires out pretty fast.

Very fun to drive, my exhaust broke at the muffler creating a straight-pipe effect.

I swear I will never buy an automatic trans. car... manual is too much fun.

I abuse this car when I drive it. I take turns at high speeds and launch at lights, and it still hasn't failed me.

I haven't found another GP SE like it anywhere, which is unfortunate. I'd really like another one.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2003

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 2.8L from North America


May not warranty repair costs if purchased for over $1000


Drivers side window motor failed.

Rear brake hose clogged. (see comments)

Rear struts need replacement.

Headliner falling down.

Turn signal is intermittent. Occasionally smoke comes from steering column.

Wiper arms go past window edge.

Exterior door handle cracked.

Power antenna no longer functions.

General Comments:

After replacing both rear calipers I discovered that the rear brake hose was clogged. It appears that this may have been a factory defect as the failure occurred where the metal mounting bracket attaches in the mid point of the hose. The bracket slightly compresses the hose which probably resulted in the failure. Many of the posts describe locking rear calipers and I would suspect that in many of the cases the hose was actually at fault and the caliper was fine. Many mechanics may be reluctant to admit this for two reasons (1) a brake hose is very inexpensive ($20) (2) calipers are usually changed first when brakes are locking up.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

22nd Jul 2006, 12:27

You did have a bad experience with the hose... but the brakes on the rear of these cars do go bad.

As for the mechanical parts... no other domestic automobile will have as much life as this car has. I consider the drivetrain in this car to be so reliable I have owned several similiarly equipped models.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix LS 2.8L from North America


Piece of junk


Replaced brake pad at least every 6000 miles.

Driver side wheel fell off while driving. Was a bad ball joint.

Replaced all four calipers.


Doesn't handle well.

Shocks and struts gone bad.

Passenger side window motor is broke and have tried to repair numerous times.

3 fuel injectors replaced.

Had to jimmy rig battery cables.

Alternator replaced at least 4 times.

Catalytic converter gone bad and the exhaust is load as can be.

Turn signals only work if you hold them in the direction you want.

Cruise only works when it wants to.

Voltometer jumps around constantly.

Oil pressure gauge jumps around constantly.

Temperature gauge is broke.

Engine has become very sluggish.

It's not possible to change back spark plugs by yourself or do most things for that matter because of the way the "quality" engineers designed everything.

General Comments:

I hate this car more than anything else. I don't know how people can say this is the best GM car ever or that this car handles like a sports car. Those people must not be driving the same kind of Grand Prix that I drive. Every time I fix the car, something else breaks. Every time I step on the gas, I get surprised/mad at how slow this car is. Here's my recommendation to anyone looking at this car: Do not buy this vehicle!

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Review Date: 11th June, 2003

17th Jan 2010, 17:38

"Replaced brake pad at least every 6000 miles."

If you had this issue, There was obviously a bigger problem. Such as:

"Replaced all four calipers."

Which still isn't bad, because parts are very cheap for these cars.

You also mention it being "slow and sluggish", obviously another problem that a good tune-up could cure.

You say:

"Doesn't handle well."

You stated the problem yourself:

"Shocks and struts gone bad."

Which are arguably a maintenance item to replace.

You say:

"Alternator replaced at least 4 times."


"Voltometer jumps around constantly."

Which is likely due to your repair work:

"Had to jimmy rig battery cables."

Not to mention:

"It's not possible to change back spark plugs by yourself"

It is actually possible, even decently easy to do the back plugs if you know what you're doing.

Have you noticed that this review was the only bad one? Coincidence? I don't think so. Learn to maintain a car, because soon you'll find that all cars seem to "hate" you.