1988 Pontiac Grand Prix 2.8 6 cyl from North America


Potential for a great bargain, ruined by bad brakes


Replaced rear brake calipers 3x's. NOTE: GM has a class action law suit filed against them for this model of caliper. They frequently freeze and are expensive to replace ($300-$500 each). They appear on GM W-body cars from 1988-1993. You may contact the law firm placing the suit at www.wolfpopper.com for more information.

Water pump replaced March, 2000. Made a grinding noise -- shaft was loose. Simple, cheap, do-it-yourself repair.

Alternator replaced November, 1999. Another problem typical of GM cars.

Ignition module and coils replaced September, 1999.

Basically, the car past 100,000 miles and things started to fail.

General Comments:

The car was in great condition when I bought it. It is still in reasonably good condition for a 12 year-old car. However, the car is 12 years old, so things are slowly but surely failing. The transmission is slipping during the shift to overdrive at about 45-50 mph. The passenger-side window motor has been losing teeth off the gear/wheel, so I've had to take the door apart and fix it rather unconventionally.

However, the car has been a champ considering its age. If it weren't for the rear caliper design, this car would be problem-free and a GREAT bargain, apart from things that go bad due to age.

I can get 20 MPG city and 30 MPG highway. Back seat room is a little cramped, but then again I'm 6'3".

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Review Date: 31st July, 2000

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix LE 2 door 2.8 from North America


Good driving vehicle if no problem parts used


Paint peeling since 1997.

Brake front / rear replaced (4x) 1994, 95 ,97 ,00. Rear slider seized.

Strut replaced 1997.

Ignition module replaced 1996.

EGR replaced 1995 - engine start & stop.

Automatic antenna failed 1993.

Engine seized 1997 - replaced (79K miles).

MAF sensor failed 1995 - engine flutter.

Alternator died 1994, 2000.

Battery replaced 1994, 1999.

Headliner replaced 1998.

Water pump replaced 1995 - grinding sound.

Thermalstat replaced 1996.

Meter - idiot light turns on/off occasionally. Since 1997.. annoying.

Have a few oil leaks. Clicking sound when engine hot.

General Comments:

Overall, the quality of components used in the car is low. At 12 years old, the car is still in decent condition, good ride and handling. It doesn't like queuing in line, but likes the highway.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2000