1988 Pontiac Grand Prix SE V6 from North America


Sharp looking car that turns heads!


The driver's seat is badly worn, the leather is showing the signs of wear and tear.

The fuel pump was replaced at 199,000 kilometers because of bucking and stalling.

The back brakes are in need of replacement very shortly.

Tune up needs to be done very soon because the spark plugs and wires have never been changed (since 1988). It stills runs like a brand new car though!

All the parts on my car are original, minus a few.

General Comments:

Very sharp look for an older two door car. Older cars have originality!

Handles extremely well around corners, almost like a sports car!

Most comfortable car I have ever owned.

Very large interior, spacious, good for road trips.

Very easy car to add accessories to, such as tinting and headlight covers, etc.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2001

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 2.8L V6 from North America


An average car that has been with me for years


2 new fuel injectors in 1999.

New alternator in 1998.

New headliner in 2000.

New headlamp dimmer swich in 2001.

New water pump in 2000.

Clear coat started pealing off in 2000.

New front wheel bearing in 2001.

New coolant fan in 1999.

General Comments:

The car seemed to have a lot of problems in 1999 and 2000.

Besides two new fuel injectors I have had no engine or transmission problems, drive train has always been strong.

Brakes are OK, no problems with them locking up.

There are a lot of rattles and squeaks that come from the dashboard.

The resale value is low one this car, so you can get a good deal.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2001

30th Aug 2001, 11:48

Do you know how I can find out the original cost of the car when it was new back in 1988 in Canadian dollars? I have a two door SE that is a fully loaded V6. I know the red book value of it for the year 2001 in Canadian dollars. Just curious!

4th Sep 2001, 14:12

According to the "Lemon-Aid Used Car Guide" 1995 Edition, it went for $18,450 Cdn New.

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix 2.8L from North America


A high performance bargain - just be nice to the brakes!


When I got it, the driver's power window did not work, still doesn't; and the digital display is very dim when the lights are on.

New rear calipers, rotors at about 125k (don't know how many times this happened before I got it). New front pads and rotors shortly afterward.

New water pump at 120K.

New struts at 135k.

New battery, starter and ignition module at 140K (starter and ignition module look original).

General Comments:

Overall, I love driving this car. It is quick for a 2.8 and has a really nice feel. Can't corner as well as my Galant though.

I wish I had it new, I think it would have been in better shape (ex. someone put the motor mounts in backwards).

Still drives great considering the amount of difficult driving I do (I drive aggressively and take it places people think only trucks can go - it has a lot of ground clearance for a car ;^)

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Review Date: 27th March, 2001

1988 Pontiac Grand Prix 2.8 litre from North America


High performance at a low cost


I have had problems with the rear callipers.

Replaced the alternator twice.

Had it painted once because of paint peeling.

Transmission is just starting to slip in and out of overdrive.

The transmission cooler lines leak.

The waterpump almost ruined the timing cover housing.

Interior seats have faded badly and are torn.

Dash has begun to crack.

Neutral start safety s/w bad.

Turn signal lever/cruise broke.

Driver's side manual window regulator replaced, and I'm still having problems.

General Comments:

The Pontiac Grand Prix is a great car to own but be aware of some of the things you may need to fix, especially the paint job.

Overall rating of this car is just great after I was able to get all these things fixed on the car mentioned above, I am proud to say this is like a new car, I recommend the Pontiac Grand Prix to any car enthusiast, it's a great project car even out of the factory.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2000

30th Aug 2001, 11:45

I think that the Grand Prix is an excellent car, even though it does have its problems. The maintenance of the car balances out with the look and options the car comes with.

Every time I have to fix my car, I cringe because of the expensive parts, but then I look at it and realize what a nice car it is, and that it is worth keeping on the road.

I wouldn't trade my car for a new one any day!

3rd Nov 2002, 01:09

I have just traded my 76' Dodge Motorhome for a 88 grand prix. It is a nice car, but needs a lot of work to it it seems like.

16th Aug 2003, 17:16

I own a 1988 grand prix, but I have a problem in the engine.

It is knocking in the engine it does not sound like it is the pistins, but I need some info of what I can do to fix the problem so please tell me if I can get my car running again or should I junk it.

14th Dec 2004, 12:19

I have an 85 Grand Prix, amazing car Fast!!! Unbelievably fast Its got a 305 and well many other mods I have driven her to the ground for the past 2 months straight and she pulls still. Amazing performance. email me at xbonecolecter@hotmail.com.

14th Jul 2005, 10:30

I have a 1988 Grand Prix it is my favorite car I ever owned. I do hear a knocking noise in the engine from time to time. Sometimes it acts like it wants to stall then catches itself. Also, on hot days I hear the knoicking sound more and it will not always start or even stay running on hot days. Also once the temperature hits 220 it will not run?? Any ideas what this could be??