LeMans 1.6

This has been a very reliable and awesome little car!

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LeMans LX 1.6

Wish I still had it

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LeMans Sedan

Shame on you the makers of the LeMans and GM hirees. How the heck was this put on the assembly line?

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LeMans GSE 2.0L c20xe

A good tuner car for the buck

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We call it the humbling car

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LeMans LE Sedan 1.6/ 4 cylinder.

GM/Daewoo POS on wheels

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LeMans SE 4-Door Sedan 2.1-liter

One of the best first cars

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LeMans Lemans GSE 2.0 TBI

Good bargain, economical

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LeMans GSE 2.0

A $500.00 sports car, WOW

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LeMans VL 1.6 gas

Cheap tin can

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LeMans 4 cyclinder

A cheap good school car

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LeMans GSE 1.4L

Great car after modifying!!

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LeMans LE 1.6

I like the car, but, it needs a lot of T.L.C.!! (Tender Loving Care)

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LeMans le aero coupe 1.3L

Great first car

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LeMans LE 1.6L

The cost of replacement parts are too high

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LeMans LE

Not worth it if they paid you to take it

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LeMans 1.6 Liter

A great investment for a first time car

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LeMans LE Aerocoupe 1.6L

Cheap wheels, and good reliability if it is treated with love, and a huge trunk/hatch for moving!

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LeMans LE 1.6

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