LeMans 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder

LOVED this little car

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LeMans SE 1.6L inline four

An absolute bargain in the compact car field!

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LeMans SE 1.6

$1,800.00 Total, I think I ripped the guy off

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LeMans AeroCoupe Base 4speed 1.6L 4 cylinder.

A great ride for few bucks!

549 words

LeMans SE 1.6 liter

A dependable bargain

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LeMans SE 1.6L

A very big bang for the buck, love it

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LeMans SE 1.6 OHC

A very reliable fun to drive car if you take car of it

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LeMans 4 cylinder

This car is almost the worst car I've ever had, besides my Nissan truck

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LeMans 1.6L 4 cylinder Gas

Somewhat reliable, lots of repairs

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LeMans GL 1.6 c.c. OHC

The car was a real bargain for the bucks

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LeMans Aerocoupe VL 1.6 SOHC

Great basic transportation as long as you stick with the VL model

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