Montana 3.4

It's a money pit, but needs fixed, and can't afford a car payment!!!

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Wonderful, I want to find another one like it

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Montana 3.4

I had much rather drive my old 95 Chevy Astro van any day!

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150 words

Montana EXT 3.4

Still on the road

535 words, 1 comment


Piece of garbage

248 words

Montana Extended 3.4 V6

It's not the car's fault. It drives and looks good. I take care of it and it takes me where I want

403 words


The most expensive 2000 vehicle I've heard of

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Longevity after 100k is suspect

79 words

Montana 3.6

Only buy one if you have money to burn!!!

91 words

Montana V6 engine

It is a money pit with all kinds of electrical problems and I will never buy a Pontiac again

126 words

Montana 2UN16 "shorty" 4 door 3.4 liter V6

With 105K miles on the car, our 2000 Pontiac Montana "shorty" is an economical overachiever

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I love the comfort of the Montana, but the maintenance gets pricey

168 words

Montana ext

Good Buisness Van also plenty of room for the kids

57 words

Montana SV6 Extended Van 3.4

Luxury edition was nice

165 words


91 words

Montana MONTANA 3.4L

The van, except for noted main complaint is OK

196 words

Montana Base 3.4L

Nice van except for gasket problem

196 words, 2 comments


Not reliable

50 words

Montana ext

Chapter 7 it

37 words, 2 comments

Montana montana extended 3.8

Quite good- pleased

36 words


Sell it fast while you still can

55 words, 2 comments

Montana Extended 3.4L

Nice features lousy quality

151 words

Montana Extended 3.6L

As nice as it was, way too much maintenance to be worth it

408 words, 1 comment

Montana Extended 3.4

The van has many little quirks about it, but my over all opinion of the vehicle is positive

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Montana 3.4L

109 words

Montana 3.4

GM has lost a long time customer!

98 words


Don't be fooled by its good looks..

143 words


I hate this van mechanically, but love the room

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Montana Ext 3.0L

Less reliable than expected, OK gas mileage

190 words


This is the worst engineered automobile I have ever driven

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Montana Extended V6

Electrical nightmare

467 words, 2 comments

Montana Extended 3.4 Liter V6

Excellent quality and low cost maintenance

116 words, 2 comments

Montana extended 3.4L

A Family hauling machine

89 words, 2 comments

Montana Extended 6

Best van I've ever owned

48 words

Montana Extended 3.4 liter V6

Nice size van great for all families. Great for long road trips

164 words

Montana 3.4L V6

A disappointing compromise

97 words, 1 comment

Montana Extended 3.4L 185 Horse

Looks good, rides nice, but not built very well, must have got the Friday Midnight shift lemon

152 words

Montana Ext

Great family vehicle

45 words

Montana 3.8L

Great mini for the family!

396 words, 2 comments


Comfort, great drive and easy on gas what more could you want

102 words

Montana 3.4

Good vehicle compared to others of its class.

81 words

Montana 3.4L V6

This van is great it handles well and has lots of engine power

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Montana Ext Van 3.4 V6

Good all around van for hauling kids and stuff!

203 words

Montana 3.4

Great van, good costs... family loves it

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