1984 Pontiac Parisienne reviews from North America

Parisienne Standard 305 5.0 with 4 barrel

Unstoppable, and a fairly nice car

82 words, 2 comments

Parisienne 5.0 Liter 305 V8

The perfect first car

240 words

Parisienne 305

Reliable, comfortable, utility value high

28 words

Parisienne Station Wagon 305

The best poor man's Cadillac

155 words

Parisienne V8

It's built like a tank!

159 words


Despite poor gas mileage, this is the most fun I've ever had owning a vehicle!

Parisienne Broughum 305 ci 4 Barrel

A great car that lasts

123 words, 5 comments

Parisienne Station Wagon

Its one tough and versatile car

Parisienne Wagon 5.0 305

A large tuna boat of a car that is fun to drive with low running costs

143 words, 2 comments

Parisienne Brougham 305 V8

A luxury workhorse

468 words, 2 comments

Parisienne Brougham 305, 4 barrel

Very nice

69 words


A reliable, and beautiful piece of machinery

Parisienne V8 350

A reliable, comfortable yacht

183 words, 6 comments

Parisienne V8

Good running car

45 words, 2 comments

Parisienne 305 ci

It's a big boat

42 words