1984 Pontiac Parisienne V8 from North America


It's built like a tank!


Both the driver side and passenger side windows stopped moving up or down.

The door handle (interior) to the passenger side door broke while trying to open the door one day.

I have a radiator leak, but can't find any signs of it.

My transmission leaks fluid, but can't find the leak.

Last year, a part that is part of the anti pollution system broke and since I was unable to find a suitable replacement, I had a friend of my father's weld together the old part.

General Comments:

This car was at the end of a five car collision. I was thrust forward and had about 1/2 second to steer away from a suv that was in front of me.

I avoided hitting the SUV and the other four cars behind me suffered so much damaged that they had to be towed away.

My car got a small scratch on the back fender, so I drove my car home! 8-)

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Review Date: 6th May, 2005

1984 Pontiac Parisienne from North America


Despite poor gas mileage, this is the most fun I've ever had owning a vehicle!


* Poor gas mileage.

* Has trouble cutting off when I turn the ignition off and remove the key.

* Fuel gage does not work.

* Has difficulty starting in the mornings... but probably due to age/mileage.

General Comments:

I have only had this vehicle for a week and so far I LOVE IT! Aside from the poor gas mileage, this vehicle is so much fun to own & drive! It is very large and roomy, yet very simple to control, including a surprisingly great turning radius!! I paid $750 for this vehicle, maybe a bit high, but it was the only thing I could do to get a car immediately, as I needed. This price was WELL worth it, though! I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a roomy, nostalgic, just plain fun ride! I do plan to repaint the vehicle glossy black, it'll look just like a hearse!!!

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Review Date: 7th April, 2005

8th Apr 2005, 06:47

Walmart has Krylon gloss black spray paint on sale, $3.99 a can.

Just thought you'd like to know.

1984 Pontiac Parisienne Broughum 305 ci 4 Barrel from North America


A great car that lasts


I had to do the rear springs, but I had them, so there was no cost. Regular thins, such as wires, cap, and plugs. I had to replace the fuel line from the tank forward. But when I bought it, (for $250) it had a new exhaust, and brake lines. I had to replace the rad, and the wiper motor.

Also, the A/C never worked, but it will hold a vacuum. So it will work eventually.

General Comments:

An excellent car. I always wanted a Chevy Caprice Classic, but when I couldn't find one I settled on the Pontiac version. Gotta love the fact that the dash clock still works. Rides like a dream, I only wish I could hear the engine a little more.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2005

22nd Dec 2006, 16:22

I have an 84 Parisienne too, and many of the things that you describe have happened to me. Well just thought you might like to hear about another Parisienne owner. There aren't many!

23rd Dec 2006, 11:23

I find it funny that the original poster thinks he "settled" for a Parisienne when, in fact, it was a much more luxurious and better equipped car than the Caprice.

Since Alfred Sloan took it over GM was always based on a hierarchy of life status, meaning people would buy up the food chain as their incomes increased.

It was essentially Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and then Cadillac.

Of course, none of this really applies today, but Chevy has always been the entry level brand, Corvette being the exception.

Well, he got the better vehicle in any case.

20th Aug 2009, 17:15

Flip the lid on your air filter housing and you'll get more engine noise. Sounds good.

10th Nov 2009, 22:33

"If you flip the lid it gets more horsepower and less gas mileage but it picks up faster, you will love it, gotta love that engine."

Flipping the air cleaner lid is like adding cold-air induction to newer F.I. cars, but it HELPS (not hurts) your gas mileage was well as boosting power a little. I used to do that with all my carbureted cars. It's a no-cost power boost that really works. And yes, it DOES sound cool too.

11th Nov 2009, 02:34

"It was essentially Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and then Cadillac."

You forgot Buick.