Parisienne Brougham 305

My opinion of this car is that it's a big, super sweet land yacht

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Parisienne 307 V8


54 words, 3 comments

Parisienne Safari Wagon 5.0L V8

It is way over-engineered, thus its survivability

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Parisienne 307 cid V8

I had a love/hate relationship with this car

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Parisienne Brougham 5.0 Chevrolet V8

Pontiac Perfection

76 words

Parisienne Sedan V8 5.0L

Best car I've ever driven

87 words

Parisienne Broughm 307 V8 5.0L

My life goal is to keep this car running well and I LOVE HER GREAT JOB PONTIAC!

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Parisienne sedan 4 door 4.3L

Great winter car

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Parisienne Brougham 307 5.0 V8

It feels good to own the car that my grandfather drove, I hope it's as good to me as it was to him

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Parisienne Brougham 305 V8

With a little money and some elbow grease, a fine used car to own

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Parisienne 4.3 V6

A great durable bargain

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A very well built car, meant to last!

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Parisienne Brougham 305

Totally wonderful

72 words

Parisienne 307 V8

Safe first car

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Parisienne Chev 305

It's a Beast! and one of the strongest Cars Chev makes

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Parisienne 305 Chevy V8

I love this car and will never sell it!!!

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Parisienne V8 307

A luxury tank!

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Parisienne Brougham 5.0L 305 V8

This is the Pontiac's Caprice Classic

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Parisienne 307 V-8

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Parisienne Brougham 5.03 L / 307 Olds. V8

A dream car!

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