Sunfire 2.2

It was awesome

118 words


Great car

112 words, 1 comment

Sunfire EX 2.4

Read before buying!

117 words, 3 comments

Sunfire 2DRSE

I like this car

74 words

Sunfire Sedan

Great little affordable car. Love it!

181 words


A great reliable car... I love mine

100 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L

Great car!

75 words

Sunfire coupe 2.2

It's a sunfire people, A.K.A. transportation

76 words

Sunfire SE

Has its issues, but a good first car overall

273 words

Sunfire 2.2L

Good basic transportation with style

139 words, 1 comment



74 words, 1 comment

Sunfire SE 2.2

Very reliable... when it isn't stalling in intersections

200 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT

She's My Lemon

326 words, 9 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2

Good reliable car for young college kids

43 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L

Enjoyable to have when it's running right

319 words, 2 comments

Sunfire sedan 2.0 liter

Expensive to maintain

140 words

Sunfire SE 2.4L Twin Cam

This is a very reliable car and a very great first car

115 words

Sunfire SE 2.2L DOHC

Awesome sports car for a 16 year old

106 words

Sunfire SE Coupe 2.2

She is a cute, but costly car to own

88 words, 3 comments

Sunfire GT 2.4L

It's a good cheap quick sporty looking car

48 words

Sunfire 2.4 liter

Sporty, reliable, great car!

99 words

Sunfire GT 2.4 Twin cam

It is a great car if you want something sporty for a low price

59 words, 3 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2L

In the price range, it is a very nice car, reliable, and fun to drive!

150 words, 1 comment

Sunfire GT Convertable

A reliable convertible at a good price

30 words


LEMON of a so call CAR

122 words, 2 comments

Sunfire SE

A mechanical nightmare

199 words

Sunfire SE 2.4 4 cylinder

Excellent value and fun to drive

175 words

Sunfire SE 2.0

Easy on gas, reliable, and good air bags

101 words

Sunfire Sedan 2.2L

A lemon if there ever was one

170 words, 20 comments

Sunfire 2.2L 4 cylinder

Avoid at all costs

265 words, 13 comments

Sunfire 2.2

Its highly overpriced and not very reliable

146 words, 11 comments

Sunfire SE 2.2L

It's a good little car!

149 words

Sunfire GT 2.4L L4

Ever wonder why there are so many of these cars on used car lots??

116 words

Sunfire Sadan SE 2.2

A great car for the money

109 words

Sunfire GT twin cam 2.4 turbo upgrade

My white diamond

120 words, 9 comments

Sunfire SE Coupe 2.4 Liter Twin Cam

A fun car to drive, and great to own!

97 words, 2 comments

Sunfire Sedan 2.2L

Good little car

121 words

Sunfire SE 2.2

Fun to drive and own!

42 words, 2 comments


The king of cars!!

53 words, 2 comments

Sunfire Coupe SE 2.2


63 words, 14 comments