Sunfire Sport/GT Ecotec 2.2 DOHC

Best bang for your buck

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Do not purchase a GM car

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Sunfire SL 2.2 Ecotec

GM has reached a previously unknown level of cheapness with the Sunfire

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Sunfire 2.2 Ecotec

Good vehicle for the price

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Sunfire SL Coupe 2.2 litre Ecotec

Very cheap, but also very cheap to operate; the car is almost half-decent

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Sunfire SL 2.2 Ecotec

Not too good, not too bad either

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Sunfire 2.2 liter

Good looks and fun to drive

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Sunfire 2.2L Ecotech

Wonderful Car for a Reasonable Price

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Sunfire SL 2.2L ecotec

Good Cheap Economy car, has a few faults

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Sunfire 2.2L 4 cylinder

It is dependable and sharp

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Sunfire Sporttec 2.0

Great for the price

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Sunfire Coupe 2.2 ecotec

Overall I would definitely recommend this car

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Sunfire SL 2.2

Overall the car is fun to drive, comfortable and sporty. I enjoy the car. For the price, A+!

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Sunfire SL 2.2 Eco-tec

Sporty, yet Economical!

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