Vibe AWD 1.8L 4-cylinder

Safe, reliable car

323 words

Vibe GT

Amazing, peppy car with great miles per gallon, that can haul anything

186 words

Vibe 1.8

Great, except for the clutch

93 words

Vibe 1.8

Great, reliable, small wagon/car for the money

80 words, 7 comments

Vibe GT 1.8

A fine compromise between utility and performance

309 words, 2 comments

Vibe GT 1.8L

Good utilitarian economy car

274 words

Vibe Base 1.8L 130hp

All cars should be as top-notch as the Vibe!

268 words

Vibe Base 1.8

It's a great car

42 words

Vibe Base 1.8L

Practical wagon at a good price..

510 words, 25 comments


This car is fun and versatile and affordable

60 words

Vibe Base 1.8 zz1

Great value, fun car

171 words

Vibe 1.8L 130HP

Fun to drive, sporty, and economical

248 words, 7 comments

Vibe Base 1.8L VVTI

Reliable, Beautiful, Efficient all at one great price!

190 words, 6 comments

Vibe GT 1.8 High Octane

Awesome pocket rocket

957 words, 36 comments