1959 Porsche 356 Convertible D 1.6 pancake 4


Rebuilt front end. Carb rebuild.

General Comments:

Great little car that replaced the iconic Speedster for a solitary year. It was equipped with taller windshield, more comfortable coupe seats and roll-up windows. I acquired it by trading a'59 356 coupe and throwing in an extra $50.00.

The'D' had a rebuilt 1600 Normal engine that was bulletproof, but the Zenith carbs had gaskets which announced their slow demise by pumping glue into the jets after a few moments of running... took 'bout a year to dope that one out...

The car was rust free, but had been repainted more times than a World War II Army barracks and had a pretty shabby interior. Finally settled on a nice 'Old English White' with lurid red seats. When a Speedster windshield availed itself, I installed it on the 'D'. It dropped right in, but of course the top, windows and wipers no longer fit, but small a price to pay for " The Look".. Later made out like a porch- climber when I sold it for a eye-popping $2800.00.. "Doh.. Dope slap.. Dope Slap.."

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008

1959 Porsche 356 D Convertible tiny 4-cylinder


I will probably find another one to restore


The wiper motor failed.

The car's undercarriage was severly rusted.

General Comments:

The steering wheel is directly in front of you and is at arms' length.

The seat is on the floor so that the pedals are directly in front of your feet.

Your legs are on the floor.

It goes 60 MPH in 2nd gear and runs all day at 110 without overheating.

If your battery dies, you can start the engine with a piece of rope (included, with wooden-handle and a knot).

I sold it because I wasn't sure I could safely repair the rust damage. What an idiot.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002

4th Jul 2004, 13:03

I could not tell whether the author was happy that his feet were on the floor or that the steering wheel was at arm's length. I don't think I ever had my 1960 Super Roadster up to 60 in second because that is over the 5500 redline, but I'm glad to know that I could have run 110 all day and not overheated. According to the factory, the Super model topped out at 109, as I recall. I sold mine because I got a '64 SC and my father told me I didn't need two Porsches. Now my 19-year-old daughter is furious with me for having sold it. It was a great handling car.

Jock Ellis.