26th Oct 2004, 22:25

Yeah, yeah, yeah...So, I owned a 65' cab many years ago while in college (1972)...I gotta' tell you guys that I think about it almost everyday... Really!

Not a lot of problems except for the usual rust on undercarriage. Actually, I drove it everyday for three years and never tired of it. It was hit from behind by a drunk driver and totaled, but I received almost $ 5,000 in total compensation...But, I still miss her...

Regards to all,

John W Durkin

Makati City


18th Dec 2004, 07:14

I own a 1959 356A Convertible D. There is no way that, with the stock motor ("Normal" or "Super"), it will do 110mph "all day" or even for one second. It might break 105mph downhill with a tailwind, but you'd be at redline. Also, with stock motor and gearing it will definitely not go 60mph in second gear unless you are determined to blow up the engine.

Some of the other comments make no sense to me. "The steering wheel is directly in front of you..." - I believe that is the case for every automobile, not just vintage Porsches.

The idea of starting the engine with a piece of rope and a wooden handle is ridiculous, and such items were never included when the car was new.

I'm not even convinced this person is talking about 1959 Porsche. Maybe they got it confused with something else.

Old Porsches are notorious for rusting. However, given today's prices for the open cars (Speedsters, Ds, Roadsters, Cabriolets) they are worth restoring, as in very good condition they go for $40,000 to over $100,000 in some cases. It varies depending on the model and condition.

29th Oct 2005, 23:51

I agree that the rope and wooden handle are fantasy. However, with respect to the speed, I had a 1960 356B Normal which was the base model 1600 cc (60 HP DIN I believe) and it would top out at 103 mph indicated. I raced a friend with a 67 MGB for about 30 miles one day and we were both running flat out on the freeway the whole way. I think the Super 90s were good for about 117. And yeah, I still think of my old 356 over thirty years later.