2000 SAAB 9-3 Base 2.0 turbo


Stay AWAY!


SAAB was a good company before GM. Buy a pre-1998 SAAB.

CEL for neutral safety switch.

Constant overheating.

Exhaust leak.

A/C blew hot.

CAR WOULD NOT START due to the transponder in the key; about a $150 fix.

This was the last straw. I owned the car for a month and it sucked.

General Comments:

Seemed like a good buy.

All leather, luxury, turbo.

Sweet car when it works!

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Review Date: 7th October, 2013

9th Oct 2013, 21:57

Golly! What did you expect from a 13 year old car?

23rd Nov 2013, 22:41

To LAST and KEEP GOING, just like JAPANESE CARS DO? Ah, that was EUROPEAN... Sorry, silly me. Why indeed would you expect a European piece of junk to last? I had a brand new Mercedes (company car, I am not stupid enough to buy one) fail on me almost every week. Why would you expect a 13 year old one to last, indeed?

By the way, the transponder chip is not subject to any wear and tear, so should last indefinitely. Anyone heard of Toyota failing to start due to a responder chip???

2000 SAAB 9-3 Convertible 205hp turbo


Not worth the trouble and money


Bought non-running;

- Head gasket had blown.

- Electrical gremlins (seat adjustment, display CCS).

- Seat torn.

General Comments:

I am a confirmed classic Saab nutter, and wanted to try out the post GM ownership models. That was a mistake.

I bought the car for 1,500$ in NON running condition - the head gasket had reportedly blown.

I collected all the parts and knowledge needed for this repair. Everything went well, and the car started on the first try. After a day of testing and driving, the engine developed a heavy bottom end knock; it was immediately shut down. Attempts to restart it were unsuccessful, and the car had to be towed home. The engine was seized solid.

I had to sell the car for 1,000 while I had invested over 800$ into it. I drove it maybe 10 miles total before the engine seized.

Really I can't see why anyone would want to spend money on such a poorly built and designed automobile. It's just simply useless. Nothing is quite right; the handling is too biased towards understeer, the ride is not comfortable, the steering isn't precise, and the recalls and problems with this car are too severe.

It really has absolutely nothing to do with the refined and sporty classic models. It's shameful for such a terrible car to be associated with a manufacturer that was known for build quality and performance.

I am not impressed at all, and cannot recommend this car to anyone. GM completely ruined the brand.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2012

5th Feb 2012, 11:42

You purchased non-running junk and then bash the car?

Saab manufactured fine automobiles - my 9-3 Convertible was one of the 2 best cars I've ever owned, and never gave me a problem in all the time I owned it.

Next time try buying a non-used up car that actually runs.

I agree that GM has ruined Saab by allowing it to die - yet they continue to build overpriced and over-hyped marques like Cadillac.

5th Feb 2012, 18:15

Saab should look back to its past models. They made some of the most unique cars years ago before it got controlled under GM. They should innovate like they did then.

11th Apr 2012, 11:42

I think your first mistake was buying a car that didn't run...

25th May 2012, 05:41

People are always full of hope!! But then one shall not complain about the car itself...

Blown gaskets, if not detected, may add water into the oil and the damaging the engine bearings, whether it is a SAAB or an Audi (been there), so my guess is that the engine was already badly damaged when you bought the car. You wasted your time and money, and posted a comment not really fair in front of Saab.

16th Jan 2013, 13:02

I'm a recently new driver, and as my friends refer to it "The SAAB" is a great car. I have a 2000 Saab convertible, and it's running like a champ. It's quick off the start due to the turbo in it, and rides really nicely. I originally wanted a F150 for my first automobile, but this car has changed my mind completely. AND I love the fact that it's only a 4 cylinder, is really quick, has different driving functions (Sport, Winter) and only cost about $40 to fill up. This is at around 126k miles also.

27th Jul 2013, 16:40

You had no trouble with a Saab you owned in all the time you had it. Did you own it for a week by any chance?