2008 SAAB 9-3


Never again


My SAAB 9.3 was delivered new to me in April, 2008.

First drive on highway revealed severe shaking. Returned to dealer for tire balance and alignment - cured the problem (question: how could the tires be that far our on a new car?).

Two weeks later the check engine light came on, returned to dealer, picked up next day. Driving home the check engine light came on again. Dealer kept it for a week, replaced several components. Check engine light came on again the following month. Dealer kept for 5 days, replaced more components.

Two weeks later passenger side window became stuck in "down" position. Returned to dealer, fixed same day. Check engine light came on again the following month, dealer kept for 5 days, replaced fuel injection components.

I insisted they call regional SAAB service for advice, as this was fourth service visit for the same problem. If the problem persists the car will qualify as a lemon under New York's new car lemon law (more that four unsuccessful repairs attempted of the same problem). I intend to return the car and receive a refund.

I will not express an opinion on the quality of SAABs. My experience stands on its own. I enjoy driving the car and it is very comfortable. Many great features too. Great gas mileage. But this will be my first and last SAAB. I have purchased or leased 12 new cars in the past 30 years, I have never returned any of them to a dealer for warranty work (mostly Honda, Toyota and VWs). Six service calls in 3 months for my new SAAB is beyond my comprehension.

General Comments:


Great seats.

Quick and stable.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

18th Jul 2008, 10:38

Wow! That's a lot of problems in a short while. I hope the quality of Saabs is not going down the tubes.

I own a 2003 Saab 9-3, and it has been a wonderful car.

I love the way it drives, it has plenty of power & it gets great fuel economy.

I hope to drive it for many more years.