6th Sep 2008, 21:40

I have a 2007 9-3 Sport Sedan and drive it for business. This car is driven many miles on all kinds of roads and weather (including snow and ice). It has never been back to the dealer, except for regular maintenance, which SAAB pays for. We have a family member with a 2003 9-3, and he has had the same experience. This is the best SAAB ever built, and the sooner they ditch the 9-5 the better. GM has only improved the brand.

5th Nov 2008, 09:05

Saabs were great cars at one point, not sure if that continues to hold true considering that GM has been cost cutting left and right, as if Saabs aren't marked up enough.

5th Nov 2008, 22:47

CAR SURVEY is an excellent site to gain an idea of what to look at on numerous vehicles, however I always suggest comparing with multiple sources. I keep noticing a lot of people review rental cars, and I don't believe this to be of any help to people researching vehicles. So I like to check, CAR SURVEY, Edmunds, Consumer Guide, and a few secret sites that I am sure people can find with a decent search engine.

So people please, when shopping for a new car do a lot of research, and the best persons opinion can only be your opinion, so test drive test drive test drive! Enjoy that new or newish auto.

23rd Nov 2008, 09:17

I have exactly the same issue.

SAAB 93 2008 2.0T, first check engine at 7800 km. The car was shaking while driving and during acceleration. Kept it for 1 day and fixed it. Apparently something related to fuel injection.

And then the second check engine at 14000 km. Exactly the same problem as the first time. Currently it's Sunday, my SAAB dealer is open only during business day. I'll go on Monday and try to figure it out what's going on!? I love my car and SAAB, but this is seriously causing me frustration as a customer!

No more SAAB for me, I bought it 42 000$ equipped! Next time I'll go with Mercedes entry level car...or an Audi for that price! I hate saying that...

2nd Dec 2008, 02:16

My 04 9-3 started out with a few issues that were fixed by the dealer. 3 of the windows wouldn't go up or down, software fix, and several recall items. Now at 60K it's a beast. I never know if I'll be able to unlock the car or start it. It rattles and shakes like no other. The noise that comes from the suspension is embarrassing. Even though it's been garaged all its life the paint is a mess, the interior looks worn and the SAAB logo comes off if at the car wash. Sure the gas mileage is good, but that's about it.

13th Feb 2009, 16:25

By the way, GM has poisoned Saab. Don't get the idea it is the other way around. I own a 2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T which I bought in 9/08. It is too soon to write a full review, but let me list a few problems:

All service was done at a local Saab dealership. It is a terrible service department with an extremely incompetent staff.

Rear left reverse light failure. Dealer is too dumb to order a new part and just changed the bulb when it is really the fixture, I can't take it to the dealer and let them keep it for something small like that, I'll wait for service.

Front door map pocket rattles like you wouldn't believe when the sound system is on, it is so embarrassing. It sounds like a 25 year old car. Took to dealer, they claimed to have fixed it, problem still persists.

Steering alignment is off when car was delivered, dealer claimed to have fixed, still off.

Sunroof got stuck in the up position (venting), it eventually came back down and problem has not reoccurred... yet.

I hate these small annoyances. The car drives great but they have a lot of work to do with fit and finish. I bought this car because it has been out since 2003 and I figured they must have worked out all the bugs by now. I hear GM wants to sell the brand and BMW is one of the prospective buyers, I REALLY hope they buy it. I'm glad GM is in the pits right now, I hope they burn in hell for destroying a once unique and prestigious Swedish brand. (The 9-7x, EW! what were they thinking?)

28th Mar 2009, 22:54

I just bought my 5th Saab. I love them. I currently also still have my 2003 9-3 Linear and I just bought the 9-3 Aero. I have loved these cars since I was a kid. So my 2003 has 68000 miles on it, and I haven't had one single thing go wrong with it. Only went to the dealership for the maintenance. My 9-3 Aero has only 3500 miles on it, I've only had it for 2 months but so far, I love it even more than my 9-3 Linear, which I didn't think would be possible. My brother also has a 9-3 SE and he loves that car, too.


10th Jun 2009, 16:04

Sounds like a lemon to me.

1st Aug 2009, 07:14

Want problems?..buy yourself a new GM built Saab!

I also leased a new SAAB 93 2008 2.0T. I've always been a big fan.. with this one being my 7th Saab. So far.. GM has lived up to the reason they're in the hole these days.

When I first got the car... I had some of the same issues as described above. The bulb/fixture in the rear was out on the third day, doors become a rattle trap when the radio's on, and last winter the emergency hand brake got stuck.. to where I had to let it sit for a couple of days. These are minor, and I'll blame the snow/ice build-up on the issue with the brake.

The real problems started with the load sensor in the driver's side window... window goes up, and then comes back down about 3". This has now started on the passenger side as well, and I'm just waiting for the rear windows to follow. Next, the sun/moon roof. Sometimes it gets stuck, and I have to sit there and monkey with it for a while, to finally get it to open/close. Then the passenger side seatbelt warning. When someone's in the car with me.. sometimes the seatbelt warning will go off.. I just tell them to tug on the belt, and it goes away..great! :o/ To top it all off.. was yesterday. My wife and I were driving down the highway.. and suddenly I lost all acceleration. The car is still driving, but barely... total loss of power. I'm not sure if the turbo is shot at 29K miles, or if it's in the fuel injection, or?? So lucky me, I get to spend another one of my weekends at the dealership.. but hey, who doesn't like that?

As I mentioned, I've always loved my Saabs.. about the only car I swore I would ever lease/buy. I do know how to drive them.. and how not to, and if the Turbo's out at 29K..give me a break! I really like (d) my new 93, and was actually considering buying it, but after all this.. never again! I guess all good things have to come to an end at some point.

So to conclude, I'm sad to see such a good car/brand get destroyed... good gob GM!You just lost another life-long customer.. not that that matters anymore!

4th Feb 2010, 04:01

I just bought 93 Saab Sport Sedan 2T, no problems so far, although some of the comments on this site make to want to go out and scream. Basically, I am posting because of the person who recommends using customer's review websites before deciding on a car. "There are a few secret ones, that people with decent search engines will find." WHAT ARE YOU? The owner of secretly owned websites? The consumers websites as far as I am concerned are for people helping people to learn from their experiences - good or bad. And you just appear as a minister of some secretly handled knowledge you won't be sharing with a crowd.