2008 SAAB 9-3 1.9 TiD turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


What a great car


Not faults to report on this car.

General Comments:

Car goes like a train, returns 54 mpg no matter how hard I push it. Never lets me down, and no more expensive to maintain than any other car I have had.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2010

25th Nov 2010, 14:56

Today I decided to go and have a look at a Saab 9-3 Vector Sport 120 Tid, it was a Black Horse Car Sales ex fleet car.

The pictures and description were quite impressive, for a vehicle a 57 plate with 77190 miles and at £7795.

On reading reviews online concerning quality of the build of the interior, I dismissed criticism of GM's Vectra comparison as harsh... in truth I have to say they are accurate, for the price the car retails at the plastics and fitment are cheap and flimsy.. I was honestly appalled as my 54 plate Golf TDI is much much better made in every way, having covered 78k in 6yrs, and still free of rattles and creaks, and at least the engine is not GM or Fiat based.

The only saving grace for Saab is the new taxation class as at 119gr/k mean it's £0 for 1st year, then £30pa after that, and it does not compete with Mercs VAG and BMW, a lot of £££'s will depreciate very quickly I think.

So I'm keeping my superior VW.

2008 SAAB 9-3 2.0 from South Korea


Never buy a Saab


1. No locking gas tank cap

2. Cool box in glove compartment doesn't work

3. Powered mirrors had ground in electrical wiring, A/S folks still having problems tracing it

4. Car security system did not work and still has issues

5. Worst gas mileage - even against an SUV or Truck

6. Poor passenger spacing in backseat

7. Audio entertainment system is crap and does a disservice to Bose

8. The automatic transmission wore out after 1000 miles - crappy engineering

9. The sports leather chair material started peeling apart at the seams (this took a lawyer to convince the dealership to fix immediately at no cost)

10. It took a legal settlement and many months to get money back after taking the dealership to court over obvious acts of check and sales fraud (the nerve of salespeople water washing checks)

General Comments:

1. The 2008 is just 2WD

2. The paint quality of a SAAB is poor after taking it in the same year to get it fixed by a professional body shop for more $

3. The warranty info on the Saab is not as clear or good as it might sound, as I found out with numerous other mechanical issues I had to shovel out more $ for

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Review Date: 4th December, 2008

4th Dec 2008, 11:13

Based on my experience, I can't take this review seriously.

The writer complains of poor gas mileage and that the car is 2WD. Didn't you know that it was a front wheel drive vehicle when you bought it? As far as the gas mileage goes - my 2003 Saab 9-3 gets 28-30mpg on the highway - which I feel is very, very good.

As far as never buying a Saab - I would buy another one in a minute - but with GM's financial problems, I might not be able to in a few years.

I'll keep the one I have now for as long as I can, and hope than Saab survives the GM financial crisis.

2008 SAAB 9-3 from North America


Never again


My SAAB 9.3 was delivered new to me in April, 2008.

First drive on highway revealed severe shaking. Returned to dealer for tire balance and alignment - cured the problem (question: how could the tires be that far our on a new car?).

Two weeks later the check engine light came on, returned to dealer, picked up next day. Driving home the check engine light came on again. Dealer kept it for a week, replaced several components. Check engine light came on again the following month. Dealer kept for 5 days, replaced more components.

Two weeks later passenger side window became stuck in "down" position. Returned to dealer, fixed same day. Check engine light came on again the following month, dealer kept for 5 days, replaced fuel injection components.

I insisted they call regional SAAB service for advice, as this was fourth service visit for the same problem. If the problem persists the car will qualify as a lemon under New York's new car lemon law (more that four unsuccessful repairs attempted of the same problem). I intend to return the car and receive a refund.

I will not express an opinion on the quality of SAABs. My experience stands on its own. I enjoy driving the car and it is very comfortable. Many great features too. Great gas mileage. But this will be my first and last SAAB. I have purchased or leased 12 new cars in the past 30 years, I have never returned any of them to a dealer for warranty work (mostly Honda, Toyota and VWs). Six service calls in 3 months for my new SAAB is beyond my comprehension.

General Comments:


Great seats.

Quick and stable.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2008

18th Jul 2008, 10:38

Wow! That's a lot of problems in a short while. I hope the quality of Saabs is not going down the tubes.

I own a 2003 Saab 9-3, and it has been a wonderful car.

I love the way it drives, it has plenty of power & it gets great fuel economy.

I hope to drive it for many more years.