SC SC2 Coupe (2 dr)

Expensive reoccurring problems (unless fixed correctly); otherwise economical and fun to drive

357 words

SC 2

Extremely reliable, cheap to run, great bang for the buck

46 words

SC SC1 2.1


150 words

SC 1 1.9

The SC1 is a sporty looking economy car

205 words

SC SC2 1.9L Twin Cam


498 words

SC 2 1.9L DOHC 4

Safe, reliable, and fun, all wrapped in an attractive package

244 words

SC 2 1.9 DOHC

Issues... Yes would I buy another definitely!

450 words

SC SC2 4 cylinder

Great little car

60 words

SC SC2 1.9L L4 16v

This is a piece of junk manufactured by an overrated car company

271 words

SC SC1 1.9 I4

This is a reliable, gas con-servant, powerful, small car

299 words, 2 comments


Cheap, reliable, gas-sipping transportation

202 words, 3 comments


Looks can be deceiving!

398 words, 20 comments

SC 1 1.9 I4

In one word, dependability.

125 words

SC 1 4 cylinder

I will NEVER buy another Saturn and have told numerous people never to buy this brand

114 words, 2 comments

SC 1 I4 Single Overhead Cam

Sporty, dependable, American-made vehicle

121 words

SC SC2 4-cylinder DOHC

It has been a wholly unreliable, expensive vehicle to own; very frustrating!

163 words, 2 comments


Overall it is a satisfactory car

106 words

SC 2 1.9L Twin Cam 16v

Solid performance and very reliable

283 words, 1 comment

SC 1 1.9 four cylinder.

Great car..

53 words

SC SC2 L4 1.9

Great unless it blows up or seizes on you

64 words, 2 comments

SC SC1 1.9

The best car I'll ever own

72 words, 4 comments

SC SC2 1.9L DOHC 4 cyl

An expensive safe bet

42 words, 4 comments