2001 Saturn SC SC2 3-door Coupe


A great car for a great price


The car was delivered to the dealership with a broken mounting clip for the external color matched panel of the bottom portion of the trunk lid. The entire bottom portion of the trunk lid had to be replaced since the clip was part of the entire assembly. The replacement part came to the dealership unpainted. It had to be sent out to be color matched. The paint shop working on this part took 4 attempts to get the job done right. This work was done under warranty and at no cost to me. The only draw back was I had to drive a rental car for 2 days while this work was being done.

The front right brake rotor became out of round and had to be turned on the lathe. This work was done under warranty and at no cost to me.

The driver seat squeaked from one of the mounting bolts not being fastened fully. This was easily fixed.

General Comments:

I am very happy with this vehicle. I have only had one mechanical problem with this car and a few cosmetic problems. All were dealt with and I am pleased with the results.

The car requires nothing more than regular maintenance that is reasonably priced at the dealership.

This is a fun car to drive and is surprisingly fast for a small engine rated at only 124 Horsepower. I believe that the power rating this car has received is very conservative. I have raced and beaten other vehicles, in the same or higher vehicle class, that have a higher power rating than my Saturn.

This car is cheap to run. It takes approximately $22 Canadian to fill the gas tank and I get an entire week of driving to work out of it. My drive to work is 45 minutes one way.

The only drawback I can see is, the front suspension could be slightly stiffer. I have noticed that hard accelerating into a corner from a stop does not always yield the desired traction and results in a slight tire jump. This is very aggressive driving and under normal situations would not occur.

You get a lot of value for your "buck" with this car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st March, 2002