1969 Shelby GT500 428 CobraJet 7.0L


Fast, good looking, and the apex of the muscle car era


Seasonal carburetor adjustments for temperature changes.

General Comments:

When new, this was the fastest car I'd ever ridden in. A friend bought it new, and sold it to me after six years. It was hard to keep in tires when all that was available was bias- -ply, but the radials (since 1977) have helped with launch traction and tire longevity. C6 trans is nearly indestructible. 9-inch 31 spline Ford Track Lok diff appears to actually be indestructible.

For a late-1960s muscle car, the cabin finish was terrific and, when I was younger and more fit, it was fabulously comfortable. As I've aged and added girth, it's become a little less so, but is still more comfortable than new Mustangs and Camaros.

It could win stop-light drags all night, then idle for an hour in front of my girlfriend's house for a snogging session without alerting her parents. In later years, it's become a show-winner, and provides entertainment for my family.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2004

6th Jan 2008, 15:52

You got a really cool muscle car there, the last of the real Mustangs. The small Mustang is okay (1974-2008) but it's really a V-8 Pinto! I wish Ford would build a Mustang, the same size as your 1969. Detroit was once king of all cars an especially muscle cars. Now the foreign cars, is the new king. That's so weird, Japanese motorcycles are coping Harley Davidson and Detroit big three are coping the Japanese cars. How fun with your Shelby, I wish I had your Shelby GT 500. Can you smoke the tires for me, thanks. Al.