19th May 2008, 13:07

From '74-2008, there have been many changes between then and now, and some really good cars in between there as well.

'74-'78 Mustang II's are forgettable, I agree, but the 5.0 Mustangs of the 80's and 90's are still one of the best lines they came out with.

The '03 Cobra is the fastest ever, and the new retro style is very well executed in modern form.

I agree the '69 and '70 are probably the best years overall.

15th Sep 2008, 20:08

I disagree with comment on the 74-78 Mustangs, not to add controversy, but as a Mustang and Ford lover I feel that while not the best in a stock form, these cars could be made into nice muscle cars. Given the times we live in it, is really hard to find 1st generation Mustangs for an affordable price for individuals wanting to have either a hobby car or a street-able rod.

The only problem with 79-93 Mustangs is everyone had one, since they are everywhere it seems as if to most people that the 79-93 or 94-98 or even the 99-04 is the only Mustang that holds possibilities, and mainly because of parts capabilities or getting performance parts for the 74-78 models, and the fact that they are ranked as Pintos.

I feel like these cars have a lot of potential; they can be made into something very mean given a desire and opportunity.

These cars have an old appearance, it's different from the rest, all that I would ask is to look beyond the Pinto looks, give them a chance, there are still plenty of those cars out there, and if we don't try and save them they will be scrap, and before too long there won't be anymore cars from the 60s, or 70s. And lets face it, the cars from the 80s don't really have anything to offer in the style department.

Plus after those cars are gone, you will have to deal with newer cars, and then you end up dealing more with emissions, and anything that has to do with emissions usually costs more to fool around with, and a lot more electrical issues, and there goes the simplicities of the scene.

I just believe that we should at least give it some thought. I think that those of you will understand what I mean by this, again the pickings are starting to get slim.

Thanks for listening, and I hope I haven't offended anyone here, I just wanted to say just give the 74-78 models a chance.

1st Dec 2015, 17:48

Beautiful car. A definite bucket list car to own before you die. I own a 70 Chevelle SS and would love to have them together in the garage. The old rivalry Ford vs GM rarely applies anymore to those that appreciate great American muscle cars. Both would be ones I would keep for my lifetime and never sell. Everybody has their favorite cars past and present. These happen to be my 2 favorites from that era.