Legacy L+ 4WD sedan 2.2L SOHC EJ22 flat 4

As reliable as the sunrise... and almost as exciting

653 words

Legacy Wagon 2.5L

Great little wagon

92 words

Legacy L

64 words

Legacy LS Wagon AWD 2.2 liter MPFI

The most reliable and low cost car I've ever owned, and would love to have another one!

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Legacy L AWD Wagon 2.2

Reliable, economy, spacious

92 words

Legacy L 2.2L N/A

Great reliability

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Legacy LS 2.2L

Would love to stockpile this model all for myself

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Legacy L 2.2

The best all round car I have ever owned

59 words

Legacy L 1.9?

Best used car for the money!

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Legacy L Sedan 2.2 L Boxer 4

One of the most solid, reliable, dependable, and fun to drive cars that I have owned.

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