1992 Subaru Legacy GX 2.2 from Norway


Excellent 4WD daily driver/beater


Oil leak, leaky sunroof, broken electric antenna motor (at time of purchase, 270 000 km).

Front outer CV-joint (280 000 km).

Radiator leak (290 000 km).

Rear wheel bearings (a few times).

General Comments:

Very nice car technically, excellent 4WD, it will NOT get stuck.

Bad brakes.

Was used as a daily driver as well as an ice track racer (it's fast on the ice!).

Never let me down, would always start in all temperatures (-25 C).

However the engine would not hold oil pressure, and at 320 000 km it was in need of an engine rebuild or swap. It was sold instead. I now miss my car very much and I'm looking for another one in better condition.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

1992 Subaru Legacy L from North America

General Comments:

At 344000 km it's leaking a little oil and has lost some performance, but it has been a very low cost vehicle and it is surprisingly peppy and handles well for a car from 92.

The body is getting rough around the edges, and I'm afraid the engine will outlast the car itself. Probably one of the only FWD Subaru's on the road today.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2009

1992 Subaru Legacy LS Wagon AWD 2.2 liter MPFI from North America


The most reliable and low cost car I've ever owned, and would love to have another one!


1. Moderate oil leak due to oil seals in engine area needing to be replaced(still haven't done it yet- when I can afford it I'll do so)...

2. Spark plug #1 shot out of the engine block, and had to be re-threaded...

3. Front right CV axle replaced, left one also needs replacing(haven't done so for the same reason as oil seal above)..

4. Electric power sunroof stopped working, along with driver-side front power window.

General Comments:

Incredibly wonderful car to own- very low maintenance and very relaible, not to mention fast!

If you take good care of these 1990-1994 Subaru Legacies, it is not uncommon for these cars to reach 300,000 miles!

I've owned over 40 different cars to date, and this is my SECOND Legacy- My FIRST Legacy was a 1990 FWD 4-door sedan model, and with it, I averaged 24mpg city/27mpg hwy at FIRST- THEN when I added on this device to its air-box, my hwy mpg jumped from 27 to 42 (yes, 42 MILES PER GALLON) CONSISTENTLY (city mpg was about the same, just went up one mile-per-gallon to 25mpg)!! I sold it, for more than I bought it for, and regretted selling it; So now I have my current 1992 Legacy All-Wheel-Drive wagon (current mpg: approximately 24mpg city/30 mpg hwy). I must get another airbox device asap if I can...

The Subaru EJ22 horizontally-opposed 2.2 liter 4-cylinder engine is virtually bulletproof! Ideally, I would like to place one of these into my Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia, for the best of both worlds- the ingeniousness of Volkswagen camper design, but with SUBARU reliability, fuel efficiency and power!

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Review Date: 28th May, 2008

8th Jun 2008, 15:00

Hey can you tell me what kind of device.


3rd Jul 2009, 00:30

Don't fall prey to another gas saver scam. These scammers use any website they can post for free on. Look up C.A.R.B., EPA and Consumer Reports websites RE: fuel savers. All of those products including H2O hydrogen from water generators, tornado fuel saver and special oil additives don't work. They all use customer testimonials and bogus lab testing to trick you. Hundreds to even thousands of these products are tested (scientifically by a real lab) every year and none of them do what they claim to do. Fuel mileage claims aren't even close.

I don't know if the Poster of the first comment sells these fuel saver kits on ebay himself, or if he's not reading the odometer, gas gauge, and gas pump correctly. The fuel gauge on the dash of most cars is rarely accurate. You must keep a log of miles driven and fuel purchased (plus record percentage of highway to city driving, towing a trailer or hauling a lot of passengers or cargo, and any mechanical problems with the car).

22nd Sep 2011, 17:38

I posted absolute FACT about my 1992 Subaru Legacy and the aftermarket device for its airflow box I had purchased and installed from a seller on eBay some years ago. I wasn't and am not selling anything (if you read my review, I said I was trying to find/buy another at the time, in which I was unsuccessful). No scam, just 100% fact and truth. Frankly, I could care less what you or anyone else posts or "thinks"- that TOO is an absolute fact. You can talk all you want, I walk it.

Since my previous post, I sold my beloved Subaru Legacy wagon to buy a classic car I always wanted, and had to make a hard choice of keeping such a pleasant, reliable and efficient car to a head turning, vintage VW I lusted after. Looking to buy another 1990-1994 Subaru Legacy soon - AND another mpg device for the intake for it if I can ever find that same seller!