1992 Subaru Legacy GL 1.8 from Slovenia


A car with soul


Nothing much. I just have to replace the rear shock absorbers.

General Comments:

It is the best car I ever had. The seats are great, the road handling also, and there is a lot of space in the cabin and trunk. The boxer engine has the best sound once is over 4000 rpm, and gas mileage is also good, about 9 liters, but my car is a front wheal drive. Even so, it is great in the snow.

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Review Date: 5th March, 2006

1992 Subaru Legacy L 2.2 from North America


The best all round car I have ever owned


Had to replace both c.v. shafts as soon as I purchased the car. door lock cylinder broke loose from the lock rod. visor are loose and won't stay up. check engine light comes on showing code for idle air control valve.

General Comments:

Handles very well and steering feels firm. car accelerates very fast and drives very smooth at interstate speeds.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2003

1992 Subaru Legacy L 1.9? from North America


Best used car for the money!


I replaced the water pump and timing belt at 110,000 miles.

Tape deck quit at 145,000 miles. I should have gotten a CD player sooner anyway.

New brakes at 90,000 miles and at 160,000 miles.

Air conditioning ran out at 150,000 miles and is too expensive to retrofit.

Drivers door lock broke at 130,000 miles (it operates the power locks so it cost about $100 to fix).

Replaced battery at 120,000 and 155,000 miles.

New alternator at 155,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is a wonderful used car! I have had virtually no problems with it and it is still a pleasure to drive (aside from no air conditioning). It has a lot of power and is extremely safe in the rain and snow.

I do regular oil changes and tuneups and the mechanics tell me what a wonderful car these Legacys are every time.

It has plenty of space to carry cargo, and shorter people can sleep in the back comfortably (I'm 5'4").

The visibility is great since the dash is not really high like some cars.

Overall it feels like driving a new car still.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2002

29th Mar 2004, 11:31

I really agreed with your review. I have a 1992 legacy wagon turbo, and it is a great car aside from the cup holders blocking the stereo. But my gas mileage is horrible, because of the turbo and I was wondering if you were familiar or knew what to do about that. I only get 13 miles to the gallon because of the turbo. If you have any leads on people I could talk to, or websites I could go to that would be much appreciated. thanks.

8th Apr 2004, 07:35

You can pick up an a/c retrofit at wal-mart for about $30. You just evacuate the remaining refridgerent in an "approved method". Then you change the fittings and then charge it yourself with the new refridgerent. The whole process takes about 20 min. I have a 92 L wagon and I did it two years ago and it still works great. I just ad a little refridgerent in the spring and its good for the summer.

Car is great, the only complaint I have is aftermarket parts don't hold up as well as the original. I had both front axles replaced in a matter of a few months and now its two years later and the boots have broken and they are clicking again, great car, my next purchase should be a '00 or '01 outback.

23rd Dec 2006, 17:46

Your Legacy should have the 2.2L SOHC SFI motor. I have a '93 Legacy L and that's the motor I have, same with a friend of mine. It is an excellent little car thought.

1992 Subaru Legacy Ti 1.8 flat 4 from Australia and New Zealand


Good medium performance luxury


Has started to leak oil (120 000kms) from the front seals, which means oil is leaking over the cam belt, which is okay, because it is due a cam belt change @ 100 000kms anyways. I have a full cam belt/tensioner and seal replacement lined up for NZ$450. The only real mechanical rectification I have had done.

I replaced the front pulley myself which was very easy to do. The previous one came very loose for some reason (I suspect the previous mechanics shotty work) but it still held the bolt all the way home, just sitting in place with no thread holding it in! A second hand pulley for $50 which I chucked on myself fixed her up.

The fins in the air conditioning ducts were nearly all broken when I bought it, I simply removed the insides so they look neater. Too hard to fix.

General Comments:

I bought this car for NZ$8000.

No wear noticeable in the interior what so ever! I suspect this car has always had tidy owners.

Handling is good at speed (I've had it in a straight line at 150kms), really smooth.

Handling around corners is different. I thought all Subarus handled like a dream, but the ride height is way too high for high speed cornering, there is too much body roll. Mind you, not many people race their Ti's like I do mine!

The cars interior and electrics make this car soo comfortable, and the decent factory speakers make for a good stereo sound without spending money or worrying about theft.

The engine has a neat layout too, I replaced that front pulley with ease. Replaced spark plugs easily also. Some people pay $100's just for that!

Had all exhaust replaced with a 2 1/4 inch system with an RPS rear muffler, catalytic converter removed, and this car now sounds very nice, and the acceleration has improved 100% Apparently the fuel consumption will now be a lot better too. $620 all up for that. Worth it I reckon!

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2002

19th Feb 2009, 18:37

I sold this car recently in New Plymouth for $1500 after 7 years of ownership. I now have a 98 Legacy GTB (BH5) twin turbo, a big upgrade in performance!

I wrote this original review 6 years ago and happened to come across it today.