1995 Subaru Legacy reviews from North America

Legacy L 2.2L 4 cylinder

Decent 4 cyl car with a rust problem

159 words, 1 comment

Legacy LX 2.2

AWD is essential for us, only compared to truck 4x4

74 words, 1 comment

Legacy L Wagon AWD 2.2L SOHC H4

This wagon is one tough S.O.B

422 words, 1 comment

Legacy LS Sedan 2.2

Holds up like a tank

73 words

Legacy L Wagon AWD 2.2L Flat Four

An all around great car in every way

265 words

Legacy Wagon 2.2

Wagon with a prayer

149 words, 1 comment

Legacy L

Great reliable point A to point B car; Great Gas MPG

Legacy L 2.2

Very good car

355 words

Legacy GL V6

Ultra Reliable

128 words

Legacy LS 2.2

A tank, but make sure you look after it!

312 words, 2 comments

Legacy L EJ22 2.2L H4 SOHC

Fast, responsive, azmazing handling in a surprisingly small package

123 words

Legacy LS 2.2L H

Good, reliable car, but slow

198 words, 1 comment

Legacy "L" AWD Wagon 2.2L H4

Problematic and costly to repair

392 words, 4 comments

Legacy L ?

A great car for a good price

120 words, 1 comment

Legacy L AWD wagon 2.2 H4

Extremely fun and versatile!

262 words

Legacy LS 2.2L

Reliable AWD tank!! Built to last!!

106 words, 6 comments

Legacy L 2.2

The most useful, reliable, fun-to-drive, yet boring to own car I can imagine

654 words, 8 comments

Legacy L

Legacy L 2.2L

A very solid economical car

80 words