1995 Subaru Legacy L EJ22 2.2L H4 SOHC from North America


Fast, responsive, azmazing handling in a surprisingly small package


-Alternator went at 140,000 miles, $300 to replace.

-Clutch went at 145,000- my own fault (taught my friend to drive stick on it) Still, impressive that a stock clutch would last 145,000 miles. Way to go Subaru!

General Comments:

Car handles like a dream, I will never own another non-AWD, and for that matter, another non-Subaru vehicle in my life.

Ridiculous power from a 4-cylinder. It says 150 hp on the dyno, but it feels like 200... very impressed with acceleration through all ranges except between 85-100 mph (a little sluggish there)

Superior winter driving- I prefer to drive my Subaru in the winter rather than my 4-wheel drive truck. AWD is hands-down the best for any situation, unless you like being out of control.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2007

1995 Subaru Legacy LS 2.2L H from North America


Good, reliable car, but slow


Temperature sensor went bad in 2002 and was preventing the car from starting.

Fuel pressure regulator went bad in 2007 with only 57000 miles on the car.

Car shakes at stops, goes away if shifted into neutral.

AC/Heating console buttons stick.

General Comments:

I got this car in 2001 with only 18000 miles on it. In the past 6 years, I have only put about 40000 miles on it, so this is an extremely low mileage used car.

I love the car, it handles well in all conditions, and I find the seating very comfortable. My main gripes are it gets poor gas mileage (about 20 for me, but I do mostly hard back road driving), and that it is a total hog when it comes to acceleration. With air conditioning on and other people in the car, forget about passing people. It just isn't going to happen.

That being said, it has been very reliable, with only two non-routine repairs (the temperature sensor and the fuel pressure regulator). My main worry now is just as it gets old more and more routine stuff will need to be done and I'm just not sure if it's worth dumping money into.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2007

30th Apr 2012, 02:34

Yes! It is worth putting a little money into it once in a while. Here's a trick I learned in college to keep from having shops sell me unneeded repairs... and to keep me on the road for the least amount of trouble and money:

Find a good Subaru wrecking yard, and ask them to recommend the most honest repair person they know. Get at least two recommendations. With this trick, you can usually find a shop you can actually trust in every city as you move from place to place.

I tell all my friends this trick, and the ones who follow this advice have never been cheated. Quite the opposite for my more headstrong friends who like dealing with dealers.

The 1st time I saw a Subaru engine, I thought it would be a nightmare to work on. Turns out I was wrong! I love these cars, and especially the noninterference 95 & 96s. Dual airbags, anti-lock brakes, AWD, what more could I ask for?

1995 Subaru Legacy GT 2.0 ltr Twin turbo from UK and Ireland


Awesome estate car with power and control


Rear Diff failed

Auto gearbox failed, lost 4th & reverse gear

Front oil seal leaked.

General Comments:

Ultimate wolf in sheeps clothing, the GT badge on the boot underlines the potential of this car.

Seriously quick, when 2nd turbo spools up, boost starts at 4500 rpm and carries on to the red line.

Huge amount of space as you would expect in an estate car.

Roadholding 2nd to none, I have had Audi TT shaking there heads as I have left them for dead in the bends.

Not the most comfortable car to drive on long trips,but the climate control eases driver fatigue easily.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2006

1995 Subaru Legacy "L" AWD Wagon 2.2L H4 from North America


Problematic and costly to repair


Hmm...what hasn't gone wrong with this car mechanically?

-3 of the 4 shocks were completely shot. Car bounced around like jelly and handled down right dangerously on the highway.

-Started having problems with the shift release mechanism on the transmission not releasing like it's supposed to when you apply the brake pedal. Car would be stuck in Park.

-Parking brake was completely worn out. Didn't hold the car worth a hoot.

-Engine had too many oil leaks to count, causing lots of smoking from under the hood. Looked like there was a bbq going on under the hood.

-Engine started tapping really loudly intermittently, which got worse over a 1,000 mile period, to the point the car would shake violently, choke to death, and die out.

-Coolant temperature sensor died.

-Oxygen sensor died.

General Comments:

Yes, I know the car had 190k miles on it. But I bought the car under the impression Subarus were great, long lasting cars. I have owned a Volvo and a Plymouth with high mileage like this Subaru, and both gave me a heck of a lot less trouble. Not to mention were cheaper and easier to fix. My particular Legacy was a pile of junk. Not to mention the seats were by far the most uncomfortable car seats I've ever had the misfortune of sitting in.

As you can see from the list above, A LOT of stuff went wrong within about 2k miles. I spent close to $2,000 repairing the thing, which is $400 more than I had paid for the car. Like I said, I've owned Volvos and Plymouths that gave me MUCH less trouble with close to or well over 200k miles compared to this Subaru, so I'm very unimpressed with the car. The hard tapping noise that really affected the performance of the engine ended up being a sticking lifter inside the engine. If you have this problem occur, DO NOT add Lucas Engine Treatment like I did. It made the problem 10 times worse!

What I can say good about the car is that it was impressively built. The only squeak or rattle was inside the driver's door. There was an occassional chirp, but that's it. Also impressive was the electrical system. EVERYTHING on the car worked. All the power windows and locks, cruise control, factory AM/FM Cassette/CD stereo, A/C, heater...everything worked great!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2006

8th Jul 2006, 17:20

Just because it supposedly has a reputation for realiability means nothing when buying used. It really depends on the previous owner and how they treated it. You just got a car that was about to need a total restoration and well, you got screwed, better luck next time.

31st Jul 2007, 18:21

I wouldn't judge the car manufacturer for a car you bought used with 190k. I have the same model bought used with 96K and it now has 300K Plus and no real problems. Just replaced what wears out as the car gets older. A lot has to do with the previous owner and how they treated it. This Subaru is the best car I have had.

19th Aug 2010, 14:04

If you have the sticky lifter issue, do a cheap oil change, the cheapest you can find, then run it for 10 minutes, then drain it, and run Castrol high mileage formula. Subaru's love Castrol. Don't ask me why. I was a Valvolene man until I started buying Subarus, and a Suby mechanic friend of mine showed me how much Castrol was loved by his Subaru, and I made the switch, no regrets.

Also, the sticky lifter won't kill the car, the noise is just a tad unnerving :)

31st May 2011, 16:34

Three of the shocks were bad on a 190k mile, eleven year-old car and you complain about it? You said it bounced like jelly going down the highway, and you still bought it?

The problem here is not with the car. The problem is with regular maintenance and purchasing an eleven year old, almost 200k mile car, and expecting it to be well maintained without checking it out first. Did you test drive it? Did you see maintenance records? Did you have someone qualified examine the car?

Do you realize you reviewed this car after having owned it for only 1/100 of its mileage? It's hardly fair to the vehicle, or to those of us who look to these reviews for reliable feedback.